Monday, December 15, 2008

101 Posts

Hi! How’s everybody doing? I’m okay. Semi-zombie, semi-insane. You know, the usual. I wanted to do this post as my 100th post but as you can see, among my other talents, I can’t count. I know everyone in Blogland is on tenterhooks waiting to hear about my romp with Rocky but y’all will have to wait a little while longer. It’s worth it, I think.

I’d like to celebrate my 101st post by saying, THANK YOU!, to a few people and by pimping some other things that are near and dear to me.

DJ Kirkby mentioned this

on her blog and I think it’s a very worthwhile thing. Just think about something, anything!, that matters to you and write it down for the entire internet to see. Beauty! Isn’t it? C’mon, even a wicked old bitch like me has something(s) that matter.

I also would like to thank DJ Kirkby for once again awarding me her Wordless Wednesday Award for this caption. Actually, Trousers found my comment, “My tits are alive with the sound of music!” award worthy. Thank you both, very much.

Trixie also gave me an award for her first ever, Tickle Trixie’s Fancy – Wordless Wednesday. I’m so honored. Thank you, Trixie!

If y’all don’t read Garbonzo, Should Have Been Here Yesterday blog, you should. At least PLEASE do yourself a favor and read this one .
If you don’t pee yourself laughing and wonder about this guy being a teacher, then there is something wrong with you.

The lovely Giggles! Introduced me to Daren Callow, who is a wonderful singer/songwriter. I requested one of his sample CD’s and was so pleasantly surprised at what a great performer he is. His songs are stories and I like that. I’m partial to When The Snow Fell On Denver and Obsession. Please go listen and watch Daren if you haven’t already. It’s a little free Christmas (Hanukah) gift you can give yourself. I hope when I get to the UK, if I haven’t gone deaf and blind with age, that I’ll be able to see Daren in person. Or better yet, I hope he gets more famous and will have a US tour, first stop – Florida!

In case you don’t know, a fellow blogger, Butterfly Temptress, is battling cancer. Babeland is offering a 10% discount through December 31st, to everyone that orders through a Babeland affiliate link (see my sidebar) when you enter BUTTERFLY at checkout. Now, I know with the economy the way it is, money is tight but take a look at this for twenty bucks! And you’ll get a discount AND help a fellow blogger. Even if you have insurance, treating cancer costs major money. I know from my daughter’s treatment. Babeland has tons of awesome items under $25.00. I’ve asked to be able to review and give away one of the Pink Kink Kits, so stay tuned in January!

(Babeland's Come For The Cure Kit)

Now, another gift to my wonderful readers. Twisted Pleasures is a new online sexual community for all of us with … well … kinks and who love sex of all kinds! There are some truly fantastic members, amazing pictures, advice, videos, chat, stories, role-playing, forums, groups and more. All of it with a sexy edge. It’s also FREE to join! Yup, FREE! The owner is also offering FREE Gold Memberships to the first 250 people who join. What’s better than FREE? Yeah, I know FREE with whipped cream and blindfolds but you gotta supply them. Twisted Pleasures can only give so much!

Here’s my shameless self-promotion. I’ve opened my ETSY store. Go visit, please.

You don’t have to buy but could you go look? Please. I’m adding things at my usual snail’s pace and will soon do charity donations as soon as I start selling stuff! Thanks!

Once again, I want to say THANK YOU! to every single person that has visited my blog whether you’ve commented or not. Special thank you’s with big, sloppy, wet kisses to the people that do comment. I love you. I get tingly when you leave a comment because I know that you’ve read the words I’ve written. I know that I’m not alone, that you understand and care. That you’ve taken the time to let me know that makes my itty, bitty zombie heart swell with love. Each and every person who is on my blog roll is special to me just as those who read my blog are. Very, very, very special love to Lady In Red, Ronjazz and Cherrie (Sensuous Libertine) who were the very first commenter’s when I hadn’t even written a word yet! Y’all rocked my world and inspired me to continue. I hope that everyone will stick around for the next 100 posts.

19 blew out from under the bed:

Trixie said...

Congrats on the 101st post and opening up your online shop, will have a squizz!

You are welcome for winning the badge...but you didn't take the little buddha,lol.

Here's to another 100.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 101 and a Two Thumbs Way Up for this blog! You Rock Girl...Keep making it do what it do!

nitebyrd said...

Thanks, Trixie ~ I was a bit sleeply last night and missed my sweet little Buddha. I added him first thing this morning~

flyinfox ~ Thank you so much! You're pretty damn rockin' yourself.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Counting is overrated... why is 100 more important than 132? C;) So, I can't wait to see the next 112 posts!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 101 post!!

thats the second time in 2 days I've heard about etsy store thing!

good luck!
I'll go check it out.

Fire Byrd said...

Well done you!
I for one really value you stopping by when ever you have the time,you may not post much but your comments are wonderful to recieve.

Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the awards. :)

Lady in red said...

you rock girl thats why we comment here.

btw its good to see you and magnus having a bit of fun together ;)

Ron said...

CONTRATS on your 101th post, Sis!

YAHOO!!!! applause, applause, applause!!!!

We all love ya, dear lady...and look forward to another 101 posts!!!

Also...CONGRATS on your COOL awards!! You deserve them! I love the Buddha graphic. Nice going Trixie!

And lastly...I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT YOUR ETSY STORE. I went over and visited and LOVED it!! GREAT stuff!!! I'll be adding your badge and link to my blog, ok?


Daren said...

Well done on your 100th post... looking forward to enjoying as many of the next 100 as I can.

And THANK YOU so much for your wonderful words on my music... it's made me very happy!!


Indi said...

Many congratulations nitebyrd.. well done you! I can't count eithe, think I 've passed my century... but am not counting, just enjoy all my fellow bloggers reading my erotic stories.~x~

Spiky Zora Jones said...

wow...congrats on the 101 post and all the rest...It's wonderful and amazing.
I don't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did.

Ciao honey.

Utter Basketcase said...

OMFG.... :-O!!!!


I just got a lovely parcel about 20mins ago! I saw it was from America but I had no idea who it was from or what was in it, LOL I thought it may have been sent to me by accident!!!

But then I opened it...


I'm bloody SPEECHLESS! The clothes are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are like nothing I've ever seen in the shops here before so they are even more special!!! :-O

And the Teddy... so adorable!!! And the Dress is my absolute fave!!! No No The Puppy Jump suit is my fave!!! No No... the gorjus lil pants!!! hahaha!

OH I don't know... they are ALLL my Fave!!! *giggles*

Gosh! I remember you saying you wanted to send a little something, but I never expected a BEAUTIFUL BOX FULL!!! *SHEESH*!!!

Thank you so much! You've TOTALLY made my YEAR! I can't wait to dress the Bubette in THEM ALL!

And you have a shop now??? :-O OMG I've missed so much!!! The shop looks AWESOME!!! Save me a ZOMBIE MOMMIE coz I am SOOOOOO gonna buy one!!!! :-O WOW!!!

Anyways I'll shut up now... This calls for a POST! :-D

Thanks again Aunty Nitebyrd YOU ANGEL!!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow, loads of stuff here today. I am going to look at your Etsy shop now. xo

Casdok said...

Many congrats on your 101 post and your Esty shop. Will go and have a browse :)
Merry Christmas!

nitebyrd said...

craig andrew ~ I think bloggers celebrate 100 posts because many don't ever make it that far. At least that's what I've garnered through reading. Thank you! Here's to the next 112!

Sage ~ Thanks, babe. I think some of us are trying to improve the economy with our creativity.

Fire Byrd ~ Awww! Thank you. I enjoy your blog tremendously.

Akelamalu ~ Thanks! Sometimes being a smart-ass pays off!

LIR ~ Thank you, so much! I think you're pretty rockin' yourself. Magnus is a very dear friend, it's nice to be able to have fun with him.

Ron ~ Thanks! I never expected even to get 1 post together. I'm on a roll now! Thankyouthankyouthank you for linking my Etsy store on your fantastic blog! I'm trying to sew, create and add like crazy!

Dazza ~ Thank you for taking time to come and read. Your music is wonderful. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you live someday.

Indigo ~ Your erotic stories are HOT! Your depth of emotion floors me. Thank you!

Spiky ~ Thanks, hun! I'm glad we found each other, however it happened.

Giggle! ~ Damn, girl! You've made me blush! You're most welcome. I just want pictures of the bean in the clothes. Aunty nitebyrd. You make me laugh! Oh! And don't you become a Zombie Mommie! LOL

DJ ~ Thanks! Enjoy, I'll be adding more soon.

Casdok ~ Merry Christmas to you and C! Thanks for coming by and looking at my shop.

rage said...

Congratulations on your 101st post and you also have yourself a new reader!

I really like your blog. Have a Merry Christmas and take care!

Ronjazz said...

And personally...I've gained a smart, funny, hot friend in the deal...Both of us win!

Indi said...

Your lucky to have us... but I concider myself Very lucky to have you as a friend and a fellow blogger, you so inspire me.. here's to the next 100 and beyond... x