Saturday, August 22, 2009

Babeland "Freestyle" Vibrator Review

Since I’ve made my love of rock & roll pretty clear, I was damn excited to get the Babeland exclusive Freestyle vibrator by OhMiBod.

This vibe is so fucking cool! You can wirelessly use it hooked up to your mp3 player or home music system to have personalized orgasm after orgasm. Or, you can use one of the seven (7) programmed vibrations without music. After trying the Freestyle out both ways, I want to marry this vibe!

Here’s the technical stuff:

The Freestyle measures 8.25” long, 5.75” insertable, and 1 1/8” in diameter. Molded from premium grade hypoallergenic non-toxic, non porous ABS plastic with a PU coating. Chrome finish detail. Rechargeable battery. 2 hours charge time for up to 5 hours of play time! The Freestyle comes with a 2.4GHz (RF) wireless transmitter with 2 AAA batteries. 12” (30cm) 3.5mm connector cable for home audio AUX-input. Custom travel case. Universal charger with adapters for EU, UK & AU/NZ and the instruction manual. I love the pretty deep raspberry color. Freestyle is phthalate free and pretty quiet. It’s splash proof but not waterproof. Compatible with all iPods, iPhone, mp3 players and home audio systems. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Freestyle feels nice. It’s smooth, hefty and silky. The PU coating gives it almost a skin-like feel and allows you to use minimal lube. I used a water-based lube. Clean-up was very easy using Babeland toy cleaner and a soft cloth.

Since my review is a day late, y’all know I was having a fantastic time with the Freestyle.
I had it and my iPod all charged up and ready to go yesterday morning. I put in my ear buds, cranked up the volume and inserted the Freestyle into my very anxious pussy. My fucking Chad Kroeger fantasy started with “Burn It to the Ground’ and continued through “S.E.X.” I may never actually fuck Chad but using the Freestyle that hit my g-spot with delicious intensity with every note of the music, is just about the next best thing. I’m not easily orgasmic and love to have my clit
stimulated, REALLY stimulated – the Freestyle and my iPod had my clit totally, completely satisfied with pounding, tickling, rumbling vibrations. Somewhere during the middle of “Light My Fire”, I passed over to orgasm Valhalla and believe I touched the face of Jim Morrison. The Freestyle with my iPod playlist gave me several amazing orgasms but that last one blew me away.

I have many, many toys and I’m so impressed with this vibrator. It feels so good slipping in and out of my vagina. The weight and girth are just perfect. I came so many times that I was glad I used a thick towel on the bed and never needed to reapply any lube. When I used the tip of the vibe on my clit, the intensity proved equally strong throughout the length of the Freestyle.

After going through my playlist, I decided to call a friend in the interest of science to have some phone fun going through the 7 delicious vibrations of the Freestyle without using the wireless music function.

With him talking dirty to me, I was amazed at the variety and once again, the intensity of vibrations the Freestyle offered. Some more equally intense orgasms followed until, I just was wrung out but very, very content.

The Freestyle vibrator is an investment. It’s not cheap but it's worth every penny, in my opinion. It is a quality product that will last and give you hours, days, weeks, months, and years of pleasure. Up until August 26th, Babeland is offering discounts on purchases and the Freestyle comes with a free gift of 2 ounces of Babeland Lube. And remember, Christmas (or your celebrated holiday) is coming!

I’m looking forward to using the vibe with my partner because he doesn’t think I can dance. He’ll think differently when he sees me moving like Shakira all over the bed or the floor or the couch! The Freestyle definitely gets me moving in many ways.
Thank you, Babeland!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Book Review - Black Boxes

I didn’t do HNT this week because I was reading. When I finished reading, I was thinking about the book I’d just finished. Usually, I don’t read books I have to think about because the two of me (Lizzie and Martha) will end up fighting about the whole concept and I end up with a headache. However, I believe that I’ve gotten everyone on board with the same thoughts about this book.

A few months ago, I was the lucky winner over on DJ Kirkby’s blog of “Black Boxes” by Caroline Smailes. Caroline was kind enough to send me the signed copy which I flipped through, a bit intrigued by the format of the writing style and then put in my “To Read” pile.

Monday I started to read Black Boxes and found that I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it! My first impression of Ana was that she was just a weak woman who fell in love with the wrong man. I didn’t like her very much. I really didn’t like Alex who was just plain horrid. What did Ana see in him? Why would she love such a bastard?

Opening “Black Boxes” is like opening Pandora’s Box. Thoughts and emotions start to fly all over the place. This book is tragic, painful, enlightening and even though the majority of women and/or men who read it are not as on the edge as Ana and Alex, they’ll recognize a wee bit of themselves in the characters. I know I did.

I went from disliking Ana to pitying her to being angry for her. She was a house of cards to begin with and through her narrative, I was able to see her fall totally apart. Her anguished silent screams for help were never heard. Perhaps that’s the reason she chose Alex, he was self-absorbed and dominated by a woman he probably hated but felt powerless against. Thus, I think he was drawn to Ana whom he would be able to ignore and abuse to feed his need for self-worth. I never came to like Alex at all. I only felt increasing anger towards him.

Personally, I could relate to Ana’s post-partum depression and her feeling of being trapped. It was a scary look inside myself. But I realized I also felt
superior to her because I gave up the dream of “happily ever after” a long time ago and I was, nor will I be such a fragile woman.

Whatever the back-story is that made Ana and Alex the people they were and what they became is what kept me thinking.

Black Boxes is an excellent read. Even though there are no real monsters, it’s frightening. In addition, although there is no real hero or heroine, I think you’ll feel a sense of victory because you have read this book and got a glimpse of a life you (hopefully) aren’t taking part in.

Caroline Smailes has another book, “In Search of Adam”, that I believe I’ll be reading shortly.