Friday, June 26, 2009

Life gets in the way ...

Well, Father's Day has come and gone. I've been dealing with some unpleasant aspects of my life. Dealing might not be the correct word. I've had a couple crying jags. I've punched some walls and held back homicidal thoughts. I've gone in to zombie mode. Had some awesome phone sex. Found out that Miller Chill is a lovely breakfast beer. I've been trying to write something profound but it's still in the editing stage. Had a couple of primal scream sessions in the closet. Basically, I want to say, "FUCK IT!" then run away.

No circuses for me, those fucking clowns are too scary. Here's two good things that happened:

The fantastic site, BUY ZOMBIE featured my Zombie Mommie dolls, the other day. Go HERE to look at it. You can also visit my Etsy Shop - NITEBYRD'S NEST.

My new header picture was painted by the reclusive genius artist, Pinky Diablo. Don't you just LOVE it? I think Pinky captured the true nature of A Dust Bunny in the Wind perfectly. He also created a companion piece for Psycho Bunny and The Moon -

Pretty cool, huh? Go visit PINKY DIABLO, tell him I sent you. But do it nicely. And politely demand he put more of his work on display.

I've finally answered comments, thanks for being patient. I'll be back.

12 blew out from under the bed:

Sorrow said...

Geez Hon,
I thought it was just the orgies that were keeping you away.
Now i am sad
it was other not so fun bullshit
keeping you from us.
Thanks for the links and such..
but do us a favor, and take care of you?
pretty please?
I has a worried...

Ron said...

Hey, Nitebyrd...can I just tell ya how MUCH I indentify with what you were feeling...

About 6 years ago, I went through a period of crying, screaming and throwing things, myself - I was like a Banshee!

But eventually everything worked out perfectly - as I know they will for you!

Hey...I LOVE your new header! What a talented guy Diablo is. I laughed my ass off at the one on the bottom of this post!

I'll stop by your Etsy Shop sometime this weekend to check out any new additions.

You take care, Sis.

I love ya!


P.S. and need I tell you how much I agree with you about the CLOWNS?!?!?!

Deech said...

I can relate to this. I am ending an exquisite week with my wife on Vacation...I go back to work on Monday...not looking forward to it.

Casdok said...

Your new head is fab - and so you dont forget - you are fab to :)

Indi said...

Hi nitebyrd~ you're eplanation of how you've been feeling of late... I feel like that most days. I say 'Fuck it' mast days and I do run off, but it's still there when I get back. I love your new heading... I love everything on your blog. God I could murder a fag right now, that or kill some one.~x~

ZomBee said...

Nice new header.
Keep the comments coming on my blog! they are always so tasty and delicious!
You know I had to bookmark that Zombie site! I'm making my list to Santa Claus already.
I have this "insane laugh" as the wife puts it. It very loud and high pitched and sounds rather demented and afterward I feel so much better like I scared away all the troublesome woe crows sitting on my soul.
Sure they come back but every drowning man welcomes any brief respite where he can catch a breath.

rage said...

xoxo ((sending big hugs your way))

Akelamalu said...

Absolutely love your new header!

Sorry to hear you're having a crap time lately. Things will get better I'm sure. x

Ushi said...

Great artwork....
Yep I'm with you in crying screaming and yelling Fuck it to get rid of the internal gremlins.. hope yours have passed now.
Take care

Fire Byrd said...

bloody computers..... comment from ushi was from me!!

Jeff B said...

Sometimes life throws us the shits doesn't it?

Sorry to know you're going through one of these times.

Jackie Adshead said...

Sorry to hear you're going through a bad patch - hope it ends soon for ya......

Hope chocolate is the answer, maybe not, but maybe it'll help a little!