Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion!

I've just had another piece published in Fortitude.  It made the front page meaning, I got PAID for it!  I've never gotten paid for writing and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Although, since I haven't written anything very substantial here I guess I should get my ass in gear do it!

I just wanted y'all to know because I'm damn proud of myself!  (Thank you if you go and take a peek!)

15 blew out from under the bed:

Ronjazz said...

Honey, you SHOULD be proud of yourself. It's a real accomplishment, no matter what forum it's in, no matter what the subject. I'm proud of you!

Akelamalu said...

Well congratulations that's a great achievement! :)

fairyhedgehog said...

Well done! Getting paid for writing is the best! Go you!

Nolens Volens said...

Then get your ass in gear! ;) Congratulations on going pro.

Ron said...


OMG, Nitebyrd...I am SOOOOOO freakin' happy for you! When I saw your name, I was GLOWING with pride.


You go, Sis!

I look forward to reading LOTS more!!

Congrats, my dear friend....X

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff girl!!!
get da munny hunny!

Fat Controller said...

'...The Ron Jeremy of the dog world...'

I laughed out loud!!!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ 'WELL DONE' you.. I'd feel all fuzzy too if it were me, but I feel homiscidal right now! Maybe it'll turn to the fuzzie part later ;)



Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ can 'Anyone' apply for this? I mean can anyone beyond the pond apply? Am kind of interested..



Riff Dog said...

Very cool! I remember your "Get Paid to Write" post and was wondering if it was a scam. Apparently not. :-)

Indi said...

OK nitebyrd ~ I've hit the appropriate buttons, I am now a member. I signed up through your site so I'm assumin if I get my pieces published you get some $? Will have to wait until I can get my head straight... thanks again babe I owe you



Jeff B said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the story of that phone call gets retold every so often at the vets.

Nice going on both pieces you wrote.

Jackie Adshead said...

Well done you! That warm and fuzzy feeling will last for ever.......I reckon

Bella said...

Awesome! Congrats to you! Going to check it out now.

nitebyrd said...

Ronjazz ~ Thanks. It's not like being published in "Time" or anything but knowing that my piece was reviewed high enough to get on the front page is pretty cool!

Akelamalu ~ Thank you. It made me smile!

fairyhedgehog ~ It's nice to get paid for anything but when it's something you actually create, it's even better!

Nolens Volens ~ I'm trying. I haven't been very inspired lately and definitely don't have much sexy stuff goin' on. :\

Ron ~ Thank you, bro! I only wish I were more prolific or at least lead a more exciting life!

Sage ~ Thanks, hun!

FC ~ If I had only thought to take a picture, you really couldn't believe the size of it. Mindboggling!

Indi ~ Thank you for signing up. I think it's going to be a great way for you to get more of your writing read. You write so well. Thanks, again, babe!

Riff ~ You know, I thought about the ad and it reminded me of the ones that used to be in the back of the comic books! LOL Since it wasn't a huge investment, I figured, "What the hell!" And if you click on the link, the terms are pretty clear, I think. Thanks!

Jeff ~ Between that and the time my other dog ate pot, the vet probably can't wait to see what we come up with next!

Jackie ~ I get the same feelings when I sell something on Etsy! You probably get HUGE warm fuzzies when you sell a painting. Thank you!

Bella ~ Thanks. There's some pretty interesting writing there and some that are a little off the wall but it sure is fun reading!