Saturday, December 18, 2010

Show A Little Love, Please

Whether you observe Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another tradition, they all are a celebratory holiday. This time of year is for joy, reflection, peace, love, rebirth, happiness. It's a time when families come together. It's a time when we can look at the past year and remember the goodness while forgetting the bad. We look forward to the new year with hope. It's a good time of year.

It's also a time when we have our purse strings tugged along with our heart strings. We are asked for donations to help a myriad of people, animals and causes. We also want to be able to show our love and appreciation for our parents, siblings, children, friends – the list goes on and on. We are living in difficult financial times and no matter how big our hearts are our purses are small. But I'm going to ask you to open your hearts and your wallets for a family that needs some extra love and support this holiday season.

At a time when happiness, hope and joy seem to be in the air around us, imagine how you would feel should your heart be ripped out and your soul destroyed? Please go HERE to read about the tragic loss that this family has experienced and then go HERE to learn about a raffle in support of Riley's family.

Can you forgo a latte this week? Maybe pass up dessert at lunch? Wouldn't donating to this family instead of a useless Secret Santa gift be more rewarding? ANYTHING you can donate will make a difference in helping defray the costs of something no parent should ever have to do – bury their child.

18 blew out from under the bed:

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

I am going to read about it now. I think it is great you are drawing attention to it for them. Blessings (of whatever kind you observe) to you!

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

OMG I just read their story and my heart went out to the parents. It could have been my family. One time when I went to pick up my daughter from a private in home daycare the person supervising it had the kids playing outside and she wasn't really watching them. I walked into the back yard with the kids and it was 20 minutes before she noticed I was there!!!!! I could have taken any one of the kids. ANYTHING could have happenend. They could have gotten out of the yard, anyone could have come in and taken them. She didn't have any red flags against her previously either. I am so glad I went to pick up L. early that day. I fired her in home daycare provider THAT DAY and never went back and put her in a more corporate one with good security. THIS STORY MAKES ME SO GLAD I DID. OMG I am so sad for this family.

Anonymous said...

2 excellent causes.
Love the new header!!!


Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ I will visit and read.. I will report back to you. We don't live in an ideal world, I at the moment work in a prison... self explanitory really. We know such nast horrid scry unexpected things happen in life but we don't open our eyes far enough ... I will be back later.



Jen Fooled Around said...

We dealt with a similar issue in our parish not long ago..

the death of a child is something I still have trouble dealing with it.

You are a good soul nitebyrd.. always thinking of others well being.

nitebyrd said...

Kimber ~ Finding day care for children today is not only extremely expensive but it's almost terrifying. We had a case here this summer where a day care worker left a 2 yo in the van all day. In the summer, in Florida. She of course, died. It is just so scary for parents. I'm glad you were able to remove your child before something may have happened. This story just broke my heart.

Anon ~ It is. I just cannot imagine what this has done to this family and even the woman that killed the child. Such tragedy.

Indi ~ The world and it's state is causing so much stress and distraction. I don't know how the investigation of this is going or what more has been found out about the care taker. For her sake, I hope she made a horrible mistake and was not impaired.

Jen ~ A child dying from a disease is truly tragic, but a child taken this way is just unimaginable. I cannot fathom the pain of Riley's family. Thank you, hun!

wendy said...

That just breaks my heart. What a tragedy for so many. I FOR SURE can give up a silly extravagance to donate to this family.
Life is so very fragile.

and, if I do say so myself, your header made me giggle. I showed my hubby.

nitebyrd said...

Wendy ~ You know the pain and heartbreak better than anyone I can think of. Thank you, beautiful woman! You have an amazing spirit. ♥
Heff wanted to know where to get a sweet, holiday penis hat. I make them! LOL Glad you liked the picture. I like to keep my "toys" warm in the winter! ;)

Heff said...

Eh, my purse strings have already been pulled to capacity.

Deech said...

Good Post Nitebyrd...Damn that was tragic...even for a guy like me.

Anonymous said...

now THAT's a festive blog header

merry christmas, babe

(i'm one broke-ass bastard)

Danielle said...

This makes me so sad and so grateful. Hearing stories of loss of a child just breaks my heart. It could happen to any of us!
You have such a huge heart.
Love ya girl!

nitebyrd said...

For y'all with nothing to spare, I totally understand. But you're still doing good - remember each comment gets a can of dog or cat food donated to Dogs and Cats Forever! (I'm not usually this nice I think the exercise has rattled my brain)

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

I seriously cannot even imagine! I will do what I can to spread the word...

Apparently I've done my fair share of pissing people off this week, guess I'll try and make good:)

Thanks for sharing!

Ron said...

Oh, I love ya, Nitebyrd!

You're always reaching out to help and support others in need.

You're an earth angel!

Tonight, when I get home from work, I will surely stop by the link you left for us.

(((( Sis ))))


Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ When my son was about 5 or 6 he lost me in the shopping mall, the panic, fear and love strangled my heart, fortunately he found me. To have a child die from such a horrific accident doesn't bare thinking about. My prayers go out to the mother of Riley.. let's just hope she can at some time in her life find peace... in knowing he didn't suffer.. no one can comprehend the loss of a child young or old.



UP said...

You're killin' me here.
But I <3 ya anyway.

Merriest of merrys babe!


Autumn said...

god bless you sweet lady. xoxo
i will go and read. it's so important to be thankful for what we have every day. so much to be grateful for in life. embrace the little things and love...

i've included you in my 3 christmas wishes post. please stop by!

loves autumn