Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For The Love of Drama or Misplaced Emotions?

Saturday night Mulder and me were at the Jeff Dunham Controlled Chaos show in Sunrise. My daughter and son-in-law gave us the tickets for Christmas. If you don't know who Jeff Dunham is, watch this ~

He is absolutely astonishing and hilarious. Just take a moment to think about a ventriloquist that can fill a 21,600 seat arena. FUCK! The show was so damn funny that I was seriously afraid I'd pee myself. The man is genius. Probably more than a wee bit weird but who gives a fuck? I don't have to live with him.

About an hour into the show, I get a text alert from CBS radio notifying me that Whitney Houston has died. I felt momentary, and I mean MOMENTARY, sadness for the loss of talent and for her child. The news in no way put a damper on my enjoyment of Mr. Dunham & Co. I didn't give Whitney Houston another thought until we got back to the hotel and turned on the TV.

OHMYFUCKINGGODS!!! You would think that President Obama or Justin Bieber had been assassinated! Every damn channel had solemn talking heads, extolling the virtues and wonderment that was Whitney Houston. It was as bad as when Michael Jackson died. 

Whitney Houston was a singer. She had a terrific voice. She had fame, money, talent, a beautiful child, loving family and she chose to toss it all away with both hands for the “stress relief” drugs can bring. She did not cure cancer. She did not find a solution to global warming. She did not come up with a solution for peace in the Middle East. She never even tried to do any of these things. She was a singer. Period. 

I'll probably get some shit for posting the above picture. The person I stole it from on Facebook surely has. I'll also get shit for writing my feelings but I can take it. Listen, I fought with Bank of America for 3+ years and previously delivered a 10 pound baby vaginally – I'm tough as fucking nails. So bring it on. Like the picture says, our society is messed up. Why didn't David Hickman get the same kind of publicity that Whitney got? David Hickman and 4,473 other U.S. citizens were REAL heroes. 


Bank of America has given us a trial modification on our mortgage. We are to pay a reduced amount for three months and a lump sum into our escrow account.  After three months, HOPEFULLY, we will be given a permanent modification.  We won't get any freebees, all overdue fees are tacked onto the end of the loan but at least it will give us some breathing room until the economy turns around.  IF the economy turns around.  

I really appreciate all your good wishes, thoughts and prayers.  I don't think I could have gotten through all this the last few years without y'all. 

17 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

Freakin' HILARIOUS video clip, Nitebyrd!

And you're right...he's a genius!

So thanks so much for sharing him because I had no idea who he even was!

I myself loved Whitney Houston's talent and feel sad about her passing, but I honestly do see your point in the photo.

So glad to hear about your trial modification on your mortgage; giving you some breathing room. And hopefully you WILL be given a permanent modification.

((((( You ))))))

X ya, Sis!

Nolens Volens said...

I didn't even blink on Whitney "Crack is Whack" Houston's death.

Glad Bank of Crack, I mean, Crack of America, I mean Bank of America is getting their act together on this.

Akelamalu said...

I totally agree with you re the Whitney thing.

Glad to hear the bank are giving you some breathing space. x

Fat Controller said...

He's got a cult following over here as well. Our kids think he's brilliant as well.

As far as Whitney is concerned, you say it like it is. There is something screwed up with this world when the death of one celeb can occupy so much of our attention. As Stalin said: 'One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic'.

CrystalChick said...

Jeff Dunham is a riot!!
Funny, I've been trying to come up with a post regarding Whitney and the photos like that going around but can't quite get it condensed enough... I tend to ramble. ha!
Even though I wasn't a fan, and I tend to agree with the general idea behind the photos, I am not in support of them.
But hey, you have the right to whatever opinion you have. I don't have to agree with it.

I'm glad for the trial mod and really hope you get the permanent one!!

BlacknickSculpture said...

It's refreshing to read " un Pc " remarks on Whitney's death. In the old days we called it the truth. She isn't the first, nor will she be the last singer to punch her ticket abusing drink or drugs.

I'm glad you enjoyed Jeff Dunham's show! My wife and I love him!

Dianne said...

breathing room is a good thing

Jeff Dunham is fantastic, I've seen him on TV a few times and he is amazing

I think people mourn and carry on for superficial "heroes" because it's easier than crying about something you would then need to do something about

ZomBee said...

I could not agree more.
Same thing happened when Jackson died. The world stops spinning because someone who has entertained people has died?
She didnt actually "do" anything.
She sang, she made money and she died. big deal, happens every damn day.

Good deal with the BOA thing. Maybe they were still stinging from their black eye but who cares.
If they werent so corrupt maybe someone might actually care.

Anonymous said...

In my work, I hire off duty police officers for security. There was an event a bunch of years back where the police were assigned to provide security to the various celebrities who participated. One of the officers that worked for me was assigned to Whitney Houston. Oh the stories he told. When the cameras were on, she was all smiles. When they went off, she was arrogant, rude and nasty. At one point, while leaving the hotel, Whitney and her entourage told the police that they were not to allow the people to take her picture. She spoke of her fans in a most disrespectful manner. The officer scolded her and told her if she wanted to be famous and have all these fans, he was not going to stop them from taking her picture. He further told her to put a bag over her head if she didn't want her picture taken. As for the Grammy Awards, since the song "I Will Always Love You" (as with many of her songs) was taken from OTHER artists, I felt that, instead of Jennifer Hudson (urp) it would have been appropriate for the OWNER and ORIGINATOR of that song, Dolly Parton to sing it (Parton recorded that song nearly two decades before Whitney adopted it. Whitney was only 10 years old then). Whitney's lack of substance, more than the drugs, was the reason her career ended early.

Inferno said...

I liked Whitney and thought she was an amazing talent back before her voice cracked out.
She wasn't just another performer, she had one of the most amazing voices of the century.
Like her music or not... talents such as that are rare and deserve great recognition.
That talent however had run it's course. Her death now is just the death of another drug abusing famous person.
It deserved a page in the newspapers, a mention in the magazines, a blurb on TV because of her notoriety, but that is about it.

Jeff Dunham is pretty funny. He has also really carved himself a niche.
When I recently watched the Anna Faris flick - 'What's your number?' they made a joke about the puppeteer being single for sure because he was a puppeteer and I actually said to my wife..."That Jeff Dunham can score I bet, he's got fans." Had no clue he was filling huge venues like that though. I just know him from youtube.

nitebyrd said...

Ron ~ Jeff Dunham is a genius. Not just because of his talent but because he's got some mad marketing skillz! I watched his bio on the Biography channel and the man is so smart and talented, it's incredible. Thanks for all your good wishes regarding our mortgage issues. I'm glad we can breathe a bit easier now. The photo expresses an emotion and not just a literal interpretation of my personal feelings.

NV ~ That Whitney Houston threw away her amazing talent is what makes me angry. We've seen it over and over with other extremely talented people and it just burns my ass. Bank of America is still Satan but has stopped poking me with a hot pitchfork for the moment.

Akelamalu ~ Thank you so much for your good thoughts about our Bank of America situation. The media coverage of Ms. Houston's death was, and still is, over the top. My son's girlfriend said that if anyone was going to attack America, then last Saturday would have been a perfect day. The news people were so busy with getting Whitney Houston info, the couldn't have cared less about anything else!

nitebyrd said...

FC ~ He's known worldwide! I still find it amazing that a ventriloquist is so popular. I don't begrudge anyone their feelings about celebrities, etc. I myself, would be devastated if Chad Kroeger died but I would feel exactly the same about the media circus that followed if it were like Whitney's or Michael Jackson's.

CrystalChick ~ I think Dianne (down a couple comments) might have said what I was trying to express. Perhaps because there is so much tragedy and frustration in the world right now, we can focus on all of it but by having a high profile death put front and center, we can release some of that pain that we carry with us. I understand that but I still think that the coverage was misplaced.

The beauty of blogging (IMO) is that we can have different opinions but can agree to disagree (sometimes, but that's another post!) I value the comments I get and want always to be able to see all sides of a discussion. I appreciate you being a regular here and thank you SO much for your good wishes.

Blacknick ~ Thank you! I just finished reading Jim Morrison's biography, "No One Here Gets Out Alive." I've loved Jim for his music and talent since I heard my first Doors song back in the '60's but he was another flawed person who wasted his ability. I still adore him but he wasn't when he died and shouldn't ever be considered a tragic figure. If you get a chance to see Jeff, grab it!

nitebyrd said...

Dianne ~ Thank you! It was good to laugh at Jeff Dunham without feeling the band of fear that was wrapped around my chest. YES! You hit the nail on the head about what I was trying to say. I would never condemn someone for who they choose to mourn, it was the media that angered me. Misplaced priorities on their part. Society's inability or unwillingness to confront a problem head-on will allow the masses to relieve anger, frustration, etc. by making something unimportant in general, high priority.

ZomBee ~ Bank of America will never be trusted or valued by me. I'm sure thousands of others feel that way, too. Bastards! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

SBronxNYC ~ Thank you for stopping by and commenting. One of the reasons I never want to meet singers, movie stars, writers, etc. that I admire is because I'm afraid they will turn out to be assholes. I'd rather keep their songs, acting, words as how they truly are. Even though I never was a fan of Ms. Houston, it saddens me to hear these things about her. I only knew, "I Will Always Love You" as a Dolly Parton song and Dolly will always be the person *I* believe sang it best.

Inferno ~ Jeff Dunham is a good-looking, sexy guy who I'll be got laid regularly before his first marriage and before he met his fiance. I do think he's probably a "special" kind of person and the thought that Achmed or Peanut might be sharing the bed, makes me a bit weirded out. But since I don't have to worry about sleeping with him, I'm happy as hell not to have to dwell on the thought! LOL

Yes, Whitney deserves recognition for her talent AND she deserves to be mourned by her fans but, again, the media just went too far, in my opinion. Thank you for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you too. Yours is one of several blogs I have enjoyed reading for some time now. I finally got ‘registered’ recently so I could comment. I am a professional musician from NYC. I have done a great deal of concerts, tours and recording studio work through union contractors I have had on the east coast and the Midwest. I have had the opportunity to perform with many famous celebrities (bands often contract brass instrumentalists for their recordings and performances). I will tell you that, while there are some that are not pleasant and some that are real jerks, MOST are really cool and down to earth people. It is even more interesting that most of the best and truly talented celebrities are the ones that were friendly and welcomed us to hang out with them and go out to eat, etc with them. It always amazed me how humble most were. Like I said, a few ARE assholes, as you indicated. One of those was Marvin Gaye. I really like his songs. I was hired to go on his tour in the 1970’s in (Chicago, Florida, etc). The performances were a blast. In PERSON…well let me just say I wasn’t surprised when I heard in later years that he was shot….by FAMILY. Asshole is NOT the word I would choose – too nice. Like I said, he and a few others were the exception. It sounds like Whitney fit very well into that exception category as well.
I enjoy your writings. Peace!

UP said...

Dunham, genius.
Whitney, slow suicide, sad tale, wasted talent, heartbreaking.
The starving worldwide, we do what we can.
Bank of America, they suck, but I'm glad you got a reprieve.

Love ya, and my zombie!!


Anonymous said...

hey pretty woman - sorry to hear about your mortgage problems... sending hugs, and if I had any I'd be sending money! I've seen this clip before and yes he is fricken hilarious....Ventrillacism? is very clever...



Anonymous said...

wasn't meant to be annon but I forgot to sign in... ;)

Indi- again x