Monday, June 11, 2012

Does This Blog Make Me Look Jealous?

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*** CAUTION - This is a RANT!!! ***

This post may not be timely but when have I ever been timely!  These thoughts have been knocking around in my head for quite awhile now.  I need to get them out 'cause they're taking up valuable space.

There are many people that write about sex. All types of sex.  I call them "sex bloggers".  As far as I know, there is no official outline for who should be titled a "sex blogger".  In addition, I don't believe there is a degree give to anyone who write a blog to determine what constitutes a "sex blog/blogger".  If I'm wrong, let me know because when a blogger is called out for NOT being a "sex blogger" by another blogger, I want to see that degree posted front and center on the callers blog.  This should be true for any blog genre.  Unless YOU have been certified by some official place/person/thing that YOU are absolutely a "sex", "mommy", "kink", "horror", etc. blogger, then YOU have no right to denigrate someone else's blog.  Say what you want in their comment section, that's why it's there.  But don't go on and on and on in YOUR blog about their blog content.  I think it makes you look petty and jealous.  (Yes, we absolutely have the right to say whatever we want on OUR blogs but constant repetitive, negative postings about a fellow blogger - petty and jealous, just sayin'.)

Speaking of jealous, for fucks sake, people - how can you be SO jealous of a person that writes well and has a popular blog - that you will spend hours, days, weeks, months in find out their real identity and "out" them? (I'll get to the anonymity part in a bit but please allow me to finish with jealousy, 'K?)  This happened recently to two bloggers that had large followings.

Their blogs were very well written, funny and always entertaining.  This is probably why they had lots 'o readers and got scads of comments.  Not only were these people outed and hurt, but their FAMILIES were hurt.  Whoever decided to investigate so diligently to harm not only the bloggers but also their wives, husbands, children, etc. is beyond sick - they are lethal!  I'm so disgusted with bottom-feeders that pass for human beings that I can't even tell you in a coherent fashion.  This poisoned person(s) allowed jealousy and envy to consume their life so much that they didn't care if they destroyed others, and FOR WHAT!?!  The satisfaction of knowing that the two blogs no longer exist?  The joy in knowing that they might have broken up marriages/relationships of people they done even know in person?  Who the fuck knows what goes on in the teeny-tiny brains of some rat bastards?  These two people aren't the first that this has happened to in the group of blogs that I read.  It makes me sad.  What makes me even sadder is the glee in which some other bloggers have written about the cruel demise of their fellow writers.  (Petty and jealous, much?)  I enjoyed these blogs.  I didn't care about the blogger's true identity because he/she could have been some silly, ugly, lonely person making all the shit they wrote about up.  Again, I didn't care because they made me laugh, cry, giggle, aroused, think, strive to be a better writer and more.  Did the ass-hat that decided to find out who they really were ever think of THAT before sending copies of the writer's blogs to their families?  No, I don't think their jealously atrophied brain thought of much more than vengeance.

Are ya still with me?  One more little bit of ranting and I'll feel much better.

Anonymity.  The majority of bloggers want to use a pseudonym or let's get classy - a nom de plume.  Even innocuous food, sewing, "mommy" bloggers and the like, don't use their real names/identities.  Fine by me.  For whatever reasons they want to remain anonymous - I DON'T CARE!!!  But for some people, writers who don't show their picture and use their actual name, are like a boil on their asses.  It bothers them to no end that others want to remain incognito. These bloggers with butt-hurt over anonymous bloggers will berate their hidden counterparts for not standing up for reality.  WHO GIVES A FUCK!?! Why do anonymous bloggers get under your skin?  Write your fucking blog under your real name and leave the rest of us alone, please!   The millions of us who write blogs, write them for millions of reasons.  If you want to write your blog under your legal name, you have the freedom to do that. (Is this a great country, or what?)  If you want to write a blog under the name of the pet rabbit you had when you were seven, you have the right to do that and NO ONE should condemn you for it!

WHEW!  Still there?

Life is too fucking complicated to deal with some of the pinheads in Blogland.  I've divested myself of those that regularly pissed me off.  I write and read for my enjoyment and enlightenment. Period.  If the folks that read my blog like it, then  I'm glad.  I, (and probably not you!) will ever be Dooce or any one of the small number of other famous (rich?) bloggers out there.  So, my final words - 

"All you dickwad bloggers who want to hurt, embarrass, put down or banish writers - get over yourselves!"

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Akelamalu said...

Great rant and I'm totally with you!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this was an issue. Its very sad people do mean crap for no reason.I have to admit to wondering why bloggers who post a picture of a cat sitting on a petticoat get swventy plus comments but good for them. LOL. Great rant. I love rants. Wonder if there is a rant blog

Anonymous said...

This Joker just fell in lust with you all over again...

Anonymous said...

Amen and Hallelujah! It is unbelievable to me that someone would want to cause that much distress in another's life, just because they can.

I worry that it might happen to me. Just because I feel the need to blather about on the internet, doesn't mean I want my family to become collateral damage.

We've lost some amazing writers, who could have been trolls in tiger suits for all I care. I miss the ones who made me feel something and who bothered to interject on my story. They were friends of sorts, even if we never met.

nitebyrd said...

Akelamalu ~ Thank you! I was a little worried that I'd get people upset but I HAD to say it! Glad you get it!

Trixie ~ I think it happens more often in a "certain" type of blog. Probably because those people have the types of blogs that get the blood pumping, if you know what I mean. And yeah!, I wonder about the amount of comments on some blogs that don't really seem to express much but I figure the writers have a BIG family and tons of friends! But you're right - good for them!

Jack Napier ~ I thought you might. See how long I let things fester and boil? I have a few more things but I'll let them ripen a bit more. You know I've always lusted you! ;)

Ron said...


I don't read sex blogs myself, but your excellent rant pertains to ANY kind of blog.

If someone wants to remain anonymous, who the hell should care? It's what the blogger is writing that matters.

And as far as whoever did this to these two bloggers, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Good old-fashion JEALOUSY!

There's a lot of that here in blogland. Many are envious of another bloggers success. You read Dooce too, so you know what I'm taking about.

Fab rant, Sis!

X ya!

Red Shoes said...

I like rants... all in all,they are good for the soul from time to time. I know of several people who like to create chaos on blogs. They seem to thrive upon it... and I do have to wonder 'why?'

Some people really need a Life...

I hope all is well there in Hell, FL... ;o)


UP said...

There's nothing like a good rant!


the late phoenix said...

you tell 'em, babe!!! (3 exclamation points!!!)

Masshole Mommy said...

Haha, totally with ya there sistah! I used to keep my name, etc private, but you know - if someone wanted to find me, they were gonna find me, so I don't bother to hide it anymore. I just don't have the time or energy to care anymore.

nitebyrd said...

distracted ~ I also worry about those that want to write freely and honestly about their lives - sexual or otherwise, that could be terribly hurt by these nasty people. We've lost some of the best because of jealousy and spite. May you always be safe because I wouldn't ever want to see you or yours hurt and I don't want to lose another amazing writer! Thanks for stopping by!

Ron ~ Thank you, bro! It's something that makes me very angry and sad. I've expanded my reading enormously over the past 3+ years and yes, I see it on other blogs. Unfortunately, it seems rampant on "sex" blogs. There may be no other outlet for people who write about their sexuality and lifestyles - whether real or fiction - and being outed or disparaged by other writers is just disgusting.

Red Shoes ~ Hi!, hun! Things in Hell are as to be expected. The people that cause drama in Blogland are probably the same attention whores that do it in real life. They need to learn that they are not special and the sun doesn't rise out of their asses.

UP ~ Wait 'til you see my Bank of America post coming soon! Thanks!

the late phoenix ~ You had me a one ! You sexy beast!

Masshole Mommy ~ Thanks, sweetie! I like some anonymity because of my two personalities - Martha and Lizzy. I guess if I was exposed I'd bring Lizzy out and tell everyone to put on their grown-up panties and deal with it. I'm like you, no time or energy to care. And I don't even have young children to suck the energy out of me! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just did a rant about this today! Holy crow, some dickhead wrote about 4 comments on my blog under "anonymous" telling how much they hated me and called me a poser and piece of crap. I was so hurt that people go out of their way to hurt others they don't even know!

I can't believe the nerve of some people!

You're awesome, I love your rants!

Anonymous said...

It makes me scared, like I need to take all of my personal stuff off.