Friday, November 30, 2012

Nitebyrd's Brain

Most days my job is mind numbing.  Other days, my poor Swiss cheese brain is worked to its limits.  After working in the medical field for 25+ years, lemme tell you Obamacare makes me more terrified than clowns.  Insurance companies are a clusterfuck as it is, add on insurance for the uninsured, etc. and I think we're gonna have Armageddon.  Don't even get me started on the Fiscal Cliff  from which I tend to segue to the moral/ethical cliff that we've already plunged over like so many lemmings.  See, I'm off on a tangent.  I'll save that discussion for another time.

What I wanted to tell you is that when I'm at work and I go out to the parking lot to smoke, I see lots of birds and small animals.  To either perk my sleeping brain up or give it something silly to think about, I'll anthropomorphize the wee beasties that linger.  If you read my blog about the Florida woodpeckers, you'll remember Winston and Phyllis.  About a week ago, I heard a woodpecker cheeping by the building.  He was perched on the ledge below the hole that held the original nest.  He was looking up towards the hole, chattering.  He then flew up to the hole and stuck his head inside.  I decided he was the couple's son, Dennis.  He'd come home to borrow money and was dismayed that mom & dad had moved, leaving no forwarding address!  (If you don't have or had teenagers, you won't find this as amusing as I do.)  Dennis' cries were very plaintive when he flew back down to a nearby tree.  He must have accepted his fate to be broke because I haven't seen him since.

There's also a rabbit that lives in the woods bordering the parking lot.  He comes out in the morning and late afternoon to munch on the long grass.  I know he's the same rabbit because his left ear is deformed.  It appears he has only one ear so I've named him Van Gogh.  I think he's a curmudgeon.  He sits and chews the grass but it looks like he's muttering to himself.  Probably about the field mice that make a mad dash for the bushes when I approach.  The scare him.  Or he's pissed at the noisy blue jays that fight over berries.  He could just be annoyed that he has a nub of an ear and no hot female rabbit will give him the time of day.  But I really think he's just cranky over life in general.  That's probably why I like him so much!  Grumpy Bunny and Dust Bunny, a perfect pair!

8 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

I LOVE the way you presented this post, Nitebyrd!

So clever you are!

Love the story of Dennis!

And in about week or so, I'm going to be like Grumpy Bunny because Christmas in retail is HELL!

X ya, Sis!

Akelamalu said...

Dennis' parents moved home without telling him? How clever of them! ;)

Masshole Mommy said...

Are the girl rabbits THAT shallow that they wouldn't get with him because of his poor jacked up ear?

Anonymous said...

have you seen grumpy cat? he's my favorite.. he was happy once, it was terrible..~grin~

vixen kitten said...

Loved this post, because I tend to do the same thing with the various animals that feed in my yard.

And yes, Obama care scares me more than clowns too!

Love you,

UP said...

You are such a master at this.
Clowns - NO!
Bunnys - YES!
I've had a job change, same place, better job, I'm happier than I've been in can be better.


D.J. Kirkby said...

Awww this was so cute! I never read the post about Winston and Phyllis but this was fab. I just wrote some battle bunnies in book 3 of The Portal Series so it's quite funny to then come here and read that your brain's working in the same parallel as mine. Again.

nitebyrd said...

Ron ~ Wine, bro. Red wine will soothe the grumpy and the hell of retail. ;) I know how awful it is and you have my sympathy.

Akelamalu ~ I know, Right! They are brilliant. I wish I thought of that! LOL

Masshole Mommy ~ Yes, Florida rabbits and opossums are notoriously fickle. But, last Thursday, there was an adorable rabbit nibbling on grass in Van Gogh's general area. I'm hoping it's a girl and that she's nearsighted!

Illuminary ~ Grumpy Cat is one of those internet miracles that makes me laugh. My son has shown me several GC memes that are hilarious! I'll have to see if he will send me the links and I'll forward them to you.

Vixen Kitten ~ I do it with the squirrels in the yard and sometimes the lizards. There were two squirrels tying to mate the other day - on a tree. I referred to them as Mary Lou and Bart because they were doing some incredible gymnastics. Whether or not they ever consummated the relationship I can't say but they sure looked like they were having fun! Made me forget about the Fiscal Cliff for awhile.

UP ~ Hey, CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome! It can be better? Okay, from your keyboard to The Universe's ears! ;) Clowns = evil, even Bozo and Ronald. *shudder*

DJ ~ I'm going to order The Portal Series for my new grandbaby, who's due in March. You know I love your writing and I know these books are going to be wonderful! Isn't it amazing how great minds think alike!?! ;) Oooo! any hedgehog stories?