Friday, March 1, 2013

Shower Pictures!

 It was fabulous!  Fresh strawberry filling. It's strawberry season in Hell, so - YUM!

 Mom-to-Be and my daughter (she was amazingly helpful!) opening some gifts. I don't know where my daughter got her organizational skills. She was like a general! Me? I was like some psycho chef-dishwasher-cruise director!



 I'm going to give links to the Etsy and eBay shops that I used to purchase some of these things.  I need to get my daughter to get me a bit more organized. I will put them up soon, though! Promise!

This is Mom-to-Be with her mother and aunt.  Her mother is waging her fourth war with breast cancer. Send her some good thoughts, please. Thank you.

My house looks like Babies R Us is using it as a warehouse. The baby is due March 10th. I'm trying to quit smoking. Stanley Steemer is here as we speak, sucking the filth out of my air vents and coils. We're in the process of switching rooms around and trying to find places for all the shit we've accumulated over the years. Goodwill is benefiting when we can't find a spot to put stuff.

Since I've already lost what was left of my mind and am in full-tilt, balls-out zombie mode, I'll be fine.

From Millan.Net

10 blew out from under the bed:

Anonymous said...

You know...You should have changed that from "The Stork is Coming" to "The Stark is coming" and had an Iron Man themed Shower....Hey...everyone woman I know is hot for Robert Downy Jr.

Ron said...

Faaaaaaaaabulous photos, Nitebryd!

And that centerpiece was ADORABLE! Love the little duckie!

" Fresh strawberry filling. It's strawberry season in Hell, so - YUM!

Yummmmmmmmmmy! I love me some strawberries!

Thanks for sharing the baby shower, Sis! Enjoyed!


CrystalChick said...

Looks like a fun time! That centerpiece is awesome.
Wishing you success with the smoking cessation.
Sorry to hear her mom is dealing with cancer again. Yes, good thoughts to her....

Akelamalu said...

The cake is fabulous and I love the centrepiece.

Britnie said...

Thank you for the pictures!!! It looked! Ugh I hate getting my carpets steamed, I hate that smell. Well congrats to the mommy to be and to you to welcome in that lil baby! I've got major baby fever over here, so watch out! lol.

BlacknickSculpture said...

Looks like you had a fun time! Best of luck with giving up the smokes.

Indi said...

Hey pretty lady ~ I just thought I'd drop by and let yo know I'm back in the land of the living... so you're goin to be a G*****a eh?



Anonymous said...

So if your in full tilt Zombie mode now.. just exactly what will it be when the squalling ball of joy arrives?
~grin~ Love the pics!

Mortuis said...

Gee... you said "Shower Pictures" and I got an entirely different idea....

UP said...

You're going to make a fabulous granny!

And you'll love being one.