Sunday, November 3, 2013

North Carolina and Georgia

Why is it that when you take a vacation, you need another vacation to recover from the vacation?  Maybe I'm just too old for all this shit - traveling, grandbaby, children, work, cleaning, breast cancer walk, etc.  I definitely should have been born rich and not witty.  I need a wife.

I'm posting a slideshow of pictures I took on the vacation.  The leaves had just started to turn so not much autumn colors but it was crisp and cool.  YAY!  Murphy, North Carolina is my kind of town.  I could very happily live there the rest of my life.  Ellijay, Georgia was very cool, too!

Since I missed wishing y'all a Happy Halloween, here's my pathetic late wishes ~  From Millan.Net

6 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

"I definitely should have been born rich and not witty. I need a wife."

HA! That cracked me up, Nitebyrd!

I was thinking of you last week and wondering how you were doing on your vacay. AWESOME sideshow! WOW..that cabin you were in looked so cozy, warm and inviting.

And Murphy, NC looks like such a picture perfect town!

We haven't had much of a fall leaf change here as well. The weather has been so crazy lately - one day it's cold and crisp, the next it's warm and humid. I can't wait for winter!

Welcome back, Sis!

X ya!

Akelamalu said...

Love the slideshow!

CrystalChick said...

So glad you had an enjoyable time!! Loved your picture show.
And you're right ... most vacations require some extra days off to get back to normal life.

Anonymous said...

Pics look way cool....Glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

My net is a slow piece of crap.. But I love love love that you were able to go on your trip! that just makes me smile..
I need a vacation from my life.. and i wouldn't want a wife, she might be as big a bitch as me.. and then I would be in deep doo-doo...~laughing~

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