Sunday, February 1, 2009

I finished the walk ...

Actually, the whole team finished and we're all still alive!

Here's us starting ...

The Intracostal at 8:30 AM. 45 degrees F, 7.2 C air temperature. Some of the walkers on the way back.

Another shot of the Intracostal for everyone up north or who's having winter!

The team at the finish line! 10:00 AM, 67 degrees F, 19 C

The South Florida Chapter of The Susan G. Komen Foundation raised over 1.4 million dollars for breast cancer research during this event. YAY US!

Thanks everyone!

23 blew out from under the bed:

Akelamalu said...

Oh well done you! :)

Anonymous said...

Atta girl!!!

I used to live on the intracoastal near Indian Rocks beach.

Chris King said...

Well done! Looks like you had great weather for it, we had snow today!!

Fire Byrd said...

Well down you and all the rest of the walkers on doing it and raising so much money.

Fat Controller said...

That's an amazing result. You should all be very proud of that. Nice to se sunshine and palm trees, we've got now here and bitter winds!

Suze said...

Congratulations! We are currently in the big freeze with a dusting of snow.

What I wouldn't give to be there. :)

Ron said...

WOW WHEEE! Over 1.4 million dollars!

Congrats to all of you guys and gals!

Hey, the shots of Florida are beautiful! I always loved living there this time of the year. No heat and humidity...just perfect!

Way to go, Sis!


Frequent Traveler said...

That was a wonderful fundraiser for an oustanding cause, Nitebyrd ! Congratulations on finishing the walk :)

Ronjazz said... ladies earned it! And that cute redhead at the right end of the team pic...I think I've had her before!

Trixie said...

YAY!!!!! You should all be dead deserve it!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh Hell yeah...YAY!

Thank you and your team...honey.

What a nice walk that is too.

Ciao sweetie.

Riff Dog said...

What a beautiful location! You done good!

Anonymous said...

good for you! :)

can't wait until june to do my relay for life. what a beautifully scenic route as well. so glad you raised so much money for such a worthy cause.

btw, i finally posted about my date.

Indi said...

" Well done all of you " I am rather jealous of the sunny climate, blue skies, blue sea... We got snow here and it's not at all nice!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys did a lot of good that day, and even had some fun doing it. Thank you for putting the time in!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I think you guys did a fantastic job!!

The pics are great. I love them!!

JsTzznU said...

Hi Ya !! LONG LONG time! As soon as I'm approved on "twisted" I'll get to read your comment LOL... Hope all is well =)

nitebyrd said...

Akelamalu ~ Thank you!

Sage ~ It's really nice down there. Being by the water helps by keeping things pretty cool.

Chopper ~ It was a beautiful day and thankfully not too hot. I haven't seen snow in over 25 years!

Fire Byrd ~ Thank you! It's my pleasure to walk for my daughter and my friends.

Fat Controller ~ I posted the scenery pictures for everyone who's cold in the winter!

Suze ~ Thanks for stopping by! I didn't know that England didn't get much snow, I'll bet it was a great surprise for the children but not so much for the adults who had to get to work!

Ron ~ Actually, the weather was colder than normal so it was fabulous! Thanks, bro!

Loving Annie ~ Thank you! It's very satisfying.

Ronjazz ~ Thank you, hun! Why, yes! Yes, I believe you have. ;)

Trixie ~ We are proud and celebrated with a huge lunch! LOL

Spiky ~ Thanks, babe! And ... you're welcome!

Riff ~ It is a very beautiful area. The pictures are from West Palm Beach showing ritzy Palm Beach across the water.

Autumn ~ Our relay is in the fall. Not too many races in Florida in the summer! Thanks for the update on the date!

Indigo ~ Hopefully someday you can come visit this sunny climate. Just don't come July through October, it's like heated-up Hell!

Sylvanus ~ Thanks for coming by! We do good and have fun, can't beat that!

RHT ~ Thank you!

JsTzznU ~ WOW! Welcome back, stranger! Nice to see you here AND on Twisted Pleasures!

CrystalChick said...

Awesome job to you and the team! Glad you had nice weather for it. We're a bit cold here and had snow last week.
Glad your daughter is cancer free!!!

rage said...

Congratulations and what beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

nitebyrd said...

CrystaChick ~ Thanks so much! I've been enjoying everyone's snow pictures so I figured y'all could enjoy my "sun & water" photos. LOL

rage ~ Thanks for coming by. I'm very happy to see that you're finally out and about, so to speak!

Jackie Adshead said...

Yay you! Well done!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Gorgeous photos and congrats to everyone! Where ar eyou, I increased the size of the pic and couldn't see you in it! xo