Tuesday, March 31, 2009

motorbikes,ducks,and crispy, sweet apples

I only know Chopper (Christopher I. King) via his witty blog - Full of Bull! and through D.J. Kirkby’s writings about him in her blog but I can tell he’s a funny and caring man. He’s not clown (Gods forbid!) or Jim Carrey funny. Nope, Chopper is smart funny and that’s the best kind.

Most of you already know that Chopper has written a book – “motorbikes,ducks,and crispy, sweet apples”. If you’ve read it, you know just how smart and humorous this man is.

I read “motorbikes,ducks,and crispy, sweet apples" in a weekend because I desperately wanted to know what Jimmy decides to do with his life. Jimmy, Ash, Katrina and even Avril, are characters so well written that they almost cease to become fictional. Chris’ writing style is sharp and crisp as those apples. The story zips along like a nitro-fueled motorcycle and sometimes is as funny as a duck on dry land. I was sad when I finished the book but I took solace in the fact that *I* know exactly what Jimmy did, he made the right choice.

D.J. also made the right choice in cajoling Chris into writing his first novel; he’s definitely a natural storyteller.

Go and buy this book! You’ll thank me.

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Lady in red said...

Now that is what I call giving a rave review without giving anything away about the plot lmao

I am lucky enough to know Chopper although I had been reading his blog for ages before I clicked who he was.

I thoughoughly enjoyed reading his book

Chris King said...

Thanks for the review, it was very kind of you! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!! :)

Anndi said...

I think you just convinced me.

Riff Dog said...

I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Ron said...

Thanks for the recommendation and the great review, Nitebyrd!

Just from the way you wrote this, I can tell it's something that I would enjoy.

And besides, anything you would enjoy, I know I would enjoy too!

I also think there's a Harley Davidson person living inside me! I have so enjoyed all the bikers I've met throughout my life. They've all been great people and very down-to-earth.


Akelamalu said...

Great review Nitebyrd :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol! Your review is brilliant. Chopper is staying quiet over Jimmy's choice but I will keep pushing for a sequel and perhaps one of these years he will sit down and write it...if not then I can always tie him to the desk! x

Trixie said...

Already bought it and loved it! Could have killed Chris though the way he ended it, lol!

nitebyrd said...

Lady In Red ~ I really liked the book so raving about it is easy!

Chopper ~ You’re most welcome. I’m not being kind, I truly loved the book.

Anndi ~ Good! You won’t be sorry.

Riff Dog ~ Definitely pick up a copy. You’ll find it a very interesting read.

Ron ~ You’ll really like the book. Jimmy is the kind of guy we’d all like to know.

Akelamalu ~ Thanks. It’s a great book!

DJ ~ I’m glad you liked the review. Jimmy, for all his faults, is a smart guy and I know he made the right choice. I do hope that Chopper will continue to write. He’s talented. I recently purchased a first-time authors book because he was at the store signing. It’s horribly written and lost my interest after the first chapter. I can’t read anymore of it. Neither your book, nor Choppers bored me for a nanosecond. I loved them both! What’s it like to have two writers living under the same roof?

Trixie ~ I was satisfied with the ending because I believe Jimmy took the “right” road towards his destiny. It is a wonderful story. Don’t kill Chopper, then he won’t be able to sort it out for you eventually. LOL

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Nitebyrd
It is wonderful living with another writer because writers understand the overwhelming compulsion to write. Luckily we are never hit with it at the same time when N3S is awake though!Oh and we have plenty of (ancient) computers to go round too which helps...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I'll have to put him on my list of books to read.

I've started two...make that three plus one rough draft from a friend that is having that draft edited and published soon. You might see it in my blog as soon as she gets back to me.

take care sweetie...nd you know What?

You really do rock! HARD! :D
Ciao sweetie.

Daren said...

I'm lucky enough to have met the man and have a signed copy of the book in my book pile to be read very soon.

Hope you are well!


Autumn said...

cool. i haven't really ever gotten into the biker thing, but my friend turtle and her husband belong to a club. i'll check this out for sure. thanks. :)