Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

14 blew out from under the bed:

Indi said...

Oh nitebyrd this is so funny! You should try changing the locks!!

Akelamalu said...

Ah, they keep coming back don't they? LOL

Fire Byrd said...

It's not that they come back it's that I can't escape!!!!

Ron said...



This is BRILLIANT!!!!



Frequent Traveler said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Nitebyrd ! How did you spend your day ?

Anonymous said...


Happy Momma Day to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is hoping that your Mother's day rocked the house!

Sorrow said...

Sorry< I am a bit late, but a mOST happy Mom's day to you!!!

Autumn said...

hahaha! i needed that. it's exactly how i felt on sunday for sure. :)

happy mother's day! sorry i'm late. i've been horrible at reading and commenting lately.

lovely layout.

Jackie Adshead said...

Love the caption!

And you've redecorated and gone all white and light! Does this mean a change of impetus? LOL No more dark!? LOL

CrystalChick said...

My daughter moved out at 21 and then back by 23. Just recently moved out again with her family! I do miss my little grandson, but they are still near enough that I see him lots!
My daughter will be 25 this month so hopefully she's found her place in the world. But just in case.... I'm going to make a sign that says 'Anyone who moves in here, has to clean the house each week'... that'll keep her away. LOL

Riff Dog said...

We had the same problem at our house! I think that whole child-proofing industry is a scam!

Jeff B said...

Damn, when was the last time I was here? You redecorated and everything.

Love the "I just finished off the last bit of the cooking sherry" look on the mothers face.

nitebyrd said...

Indigo ~ Great idea! ;)

Akelamalu ~ My problem is that they never leave in the first place!

Fire Byrd ~ Yup, I’m right there with you. Escape is definitely needed.

Ron ~ Thanks, Bro! Hope you enjoyed your week off.

Loving Annie ~ Thank you. I made dinner for my ex-MIL and SIL. My daughter and her husband came. It actually wa s pretty nice!

Sage ~ Thank you, hun.

Flyinfox ~ After the company went home, there was some “rockin!” LOL

Sorrow ~ Never too late, hun. Hope your’s was wonderful.

Autumn ~ Like, Sorrow, it’s never too late. I’ve been a slacker too so don’t feel badly.

Jackie ~ Thank you. I decide d to try something new. It is !!!BRIGHT!!!, isn’t it? My dark side is always there, it’s been around too long to lose.

CrystalChick ~ My daughter is on her own. Married, out of the house. (I keep my fingers crossed.) No grandkids yet. My 23, almost 24 year old son, is still at home and has never left. I think if he ever does, I’m going to move! LOL

Riff ~ Yes, it’s totally fake. Ever yank open a drawer that you forgot you put that stupid latch on? Grrrrrr!

Jeff B ~ ; Nice to see you again! My kids always wondered why I always cooked with wine but they never seemed to taste it in their Spagetti-O’s!