Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here are the rules:

1. Mention the person (or people) who tagged you. I got this from DJ Kirkby

2. Complete the lists of 8s.

3. Tag 8 other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged.

8 things I am looking forward to: 1. Retiring, 2. Winning the lottery, 3. Freedom, 4. The blisters on my feet to heal, 5. Taking a trip to meet a friend, 6. A new Nickelback CD, 7. Seeing fall and feeling the air, 8. Better days.

8 things I did yesterday: 1. Woke up in Orlando, 2. Ate breakfast at Sizzler, 3. Drove home, 4. Did laundry, 5. Took a nap, 6. Bought an Elvis Beanie Baby bear, 7. Ironed, 8. Gave Mulder a blow job.

8 things I wish I could do: 1. Stop working, 2. Have the money and freedom to go and do what I want/need, 3. Write a book , 4. Have a Siamese cat, 5. Be with a very special friend, 6. Have legs like Tina Turner, 7. Ride a bike without maiming myself, 8. Dance

8 Shows I watch: 1. Bones, 2. Dexter, 3. CSI, 4. Amazing Grace, 5. In Plain Sight, 6. Forensic Files, 7. Big Bang Theory, 8. Law and Order

8 favorite fruits: 1. Pineapple, 2. Waternelon, 3. Grapes, 4. Blueberries, 5. Blackberries, 6. Raspberries, 7. Kiwi, 8. Bananas

8 Places I'd Like to Travel : 1. Australia, 2.
Scotland, 3. England, 4. Arizona, 5. Colorado, 6. Canada, 7. Barbados, 8. Over the rainbow

8. Places I've Lived: 1. Mamaroneck, 2. Peekskill, 3. Ossining, 4. Dania, 5. Hollywood, 6. Coral Springs, 7. Port St. Lucie

8 People I've Tagged But Who Don't Have To Do It If They Don't Want To:
1. Ronjazz, 2. Ron @ Vent, 3. Autumn, 4. Lily, 5. Butterfly, 6. Indigo, 7. Sorrow, 8. Sage

12 blew out from under the bed:

vixen kitten said...

I love Siamese cats. Every time I have an opening on the *ark* another stray who needs a home finds it's way to me.

I guess I'm just meant to admire them from afar!

Love Bones & Dexter!

Great meme and answers, Sweetie.


nitebyrd said...

Thanks, VK! Mulder (the PITA!) really doesn't like Siamese cats and refuses to have one. Since I've had about 40 cats and 10 dogs over the years, I let it slide. But when I get the chance ... LOL

If I were younger, I'd either go into forensics or be a private detective. Damn! I know I missed my calling.

Ron said...

Oh man, me too...I can't WAIT for fall and feeling the cooler air. We just got hit with some pretty bad humidity and it's making me very grumpy.

My favorite fruit is watermelon. In fact, probably one of the only things I enjoy about summertime is great produce! And there's nothing like REAL pineapple. None of that canned crap!

I keep trying to imagine that Elvis Beanie Baby Bear. You always find the greatest things. Like NIKKI the cheerleader troll you sent me. Oh, BTW...she said to say hi to you!

That photo of the 8 Ball reminds me of the game we played when we were kids. Now the damn things are computerized!

Listen, I just did my first meme on a post today (shocking, yeah), so I may do this one a little later. Thanks for thinking of me, Sis!

P.S. I bet Mulder had a GREAT day yesterday - HA!


Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi babe...heheheh I love that one...gave moulder a blow job. ha. I about fell out of my chair.

Hey I thought 'the big bang theory' was a porn movie...starring an unknown hehehe

loved your answers honey.

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Great answers! And I watch almost all those shows too! Have to admit I was a Buffy and Angel watching dork back in the day too. ;) Love the names of the places you've lived.

Sorrow said...

I de rather be spanked, but I guess i am okay with being tagged.
Your gonna have to change a question cause I don't have TV, and haven't in close to 20 years...
how about 8 favorite movies?
your a doll, I have been in a pissy mood and this made me laugh..
Thanks doll!

Get8More said...

These are all EIGHT great things (I should know...)

Autumn said...

sorry i missed this tag earlier nitebyrd. i've been a bit scarce here lately. i've done a list of 8's before, but i will do it again for sure. thanks for tagging me. i'll try to do it tomorrow and will certainly let you know when it's up.

rage said...

Stop working and winning the lottery sound perfect to me!


CrystalChick said...

Cool meme!!! Mmmm blueberries are my FAV. Tina does have some pretty awesome legs.

Have a great week!!

Indi said...

Thank you nitebyrd for tagging me, so I'll do it for sure but not tonight, I've been up since 5a.m, worked my ass off at work. I have a wedding tomorrow, no not mine... but the day looks hot dry and sunny, so that's good. I will get to it on Sunday when I've recovered from the copious amounts of alcohol I shall sink tomorrow.

nitebyrd said...

Ron ~ I loved your MeMe! I'm just a nosey bitch and like to find out about people. LOL While looking for a picture of my Elvis to send you, I do believe I found another that's perfect for you!

Spiky ~ Thanks, hun! Be careful falling out of your chair. I wouldn't want you to bruise that lovely ass of yours. ;)

Sexy PTA Mom ~ OMG! Buffy and Angel were my guilty pleasures. I SO wished in my teenage/adult mind that Angel would bite ME!

Sorrow ~ No worries and no pressure. Only do the tag if you want. 8 favorite movies is fine. I'm glad I got you smiling. That makes ME smile!

Get8More ~ Hey! You should do a blog and make this MeMe your first post! It's PERFECT for you.

autumn ~ Thank you, hun! You gave great answers and I appreciate you taking the time to do it. Again! LOL

rage ~ Don't they? I light candles and say prayers to the Gods just about every night. I'd be happy with 1 million. I'm not greedy.

CrystalChick ~ Tina has the best legs ever! I only wish I could get some like that by eating berries!

Indigo ~ Have a good time and don't worry about the tag. Do it only if you want to.