Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toy Review!

I came home from work the other day generally pissy and grouchy.  Not that this is unusual.  This day however, there was a package waiting for me from the wonderful Babeland.  They sent me the most adorable vibrator!   It perked me right up and just looking at it, made me smile.  The I Rub My Duckie Holiday Ornament is just so freakin’ cute, you’ll squeal even before you try him!

Since I own a full sized I Rub My Duckie Bondage Duck, I decided I’d give this little guy away to the first reader that sends me an email.  He comes in his own clear plastic ornament.  You can hang him on the tree and no one will know what you’re going to do later.  How cool is that?

Personally, I need something more along the Hitachi line to really get off but the I Rub My Duckie vibes are fun for warming up in the bath or shower because they’re waterproof.  The bends and curves of the duck’s head, breast and tail give a variety of angles for clitoral and labial stimulation.  The vibrations are powerful enough to “get the party started” or for some nice coming down, soothing vibrations after you’ve had an orgasm (s).   The cute factor is also a plus; I Rub My Duckie is unique and can get a vibrator novice over the first hump, so to speak. I definitely like how well he fits in my hand.  Being waterproof, the duck is easy to clean, lube friendly and definitely able to go where others can’t.  Having your little Santa Duckie sitting on the edge of the bathtub won’t shock guests like a huge penis shaped vibrator or dildo would.  I Rub My Duckie Santa Travel Vibrator is decorative AND useful!  With the economy being what it is, it’s nice to get something that can multi-task.

I Rub My Duckie is made of PVC.  The duck itself is approximately 3 ¼” x 3”.  He uses one AAA battery.  The package says the battery isn’t included but Babeland says it is, so I don’t know for sure.  I do know since its Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.  You’ll have batteries in the house if you don’t already.

Babeland is running all kinds of holiday specials – go visit them!  They made my day with I Rub My Duckie, I’m willing to bet Babeland has something that will make yours!

14 blew out from under the bed:

Anonymous said...

I should win that then my Christmas shopping would be OVER!

Ron said...

I have a rubber duckie in my bathroom, but it's does NOTHING like this!?


GREAT review, Sis!


Fire Byrd said...

I knew when I read the title that somehow it wouldbe about the latest doll or shoot'em'up game. Although that said both are weirdly true!

Akelamalu said...

Who would have guessed that a duck could be so much fun? ;)

Indi said...

So it's a case of 'duck me' and not 'fuck me!' Lol

TAG said...

Do I dare ask if any of the previous commenters actually asked for the duck.

I would LOVE to have that duck.

Ok, out of a profound sense of honesty, I wouldn't keep it for myself. I know someone who desperately needs it.

I can only dream that sometime I'll get the chance to see it in use. :D


Spiky Zora Jones said...

I'm waiting for the lick me rubber duckie...woo!

actually i'll be looking into this...there's still time for Christmas shopping and that is one really fab gift.

later sweetie...thanks for the review. Oh and any chance we can get a video so I can *couch * use it correctly. ;)

Sorrow said...

This was just the giggle I needed today.
trying to imagine the look on a few faces if i had a vibrating santa duck hanging some where in my house..

Autumn said...

oh wow wouldn't i love to have one of those! an tree decoration that will make me cum, i mean come on! how awesome is that?

Distracted said...

I've got a Rub-My-Duckie toy in my shower. We have a thing going on where She throws him in the cabinet and I take him back out. He's adorable AND functional. Fun stuff!

JRM said...

OMG this is hysterical! hahahaha!

nitebyrd said...

Sage ~ You only need one present? Damn, man! A lucky lurker by the name of Lynn in MN sent me the first email. She’ll have a very Merry Christmas!

Ron ~ After seeing your doll “Billy”, I can’t believe you don’t have an I Rub My Duckie! LOL

Fire Byrd ~ I don’t do video games. Not enough hand/eye coordination. I could never get Mario over that first mushroom! The bondage duckie is my weirdest vibrator then the Hello! Kitty one!

Akelamalu ~ I thought it was an appropriate review after my Muscovy duck post. This duck is WAY more fun and won’t drown!

Indigo ~ Truly a “go fuck a duck” item!

TAG ~ Someone did send me an email almost immediately after the post so they won. But …
If you want a pocket rocket vibrator for your friend, I have one of those. Send me an email with your address and I’ll pop it in the mail!

Spiky ~ I used to have a “tongue” vibrator but the thing was so creepy, I gave it away. (Unused!) Although, a battery operated snake would make an interesting “vibrator” don’t you think?

Sorrow ~ Glad I could help. You know I aim to please! He’d add a festive and active touch to any tree if you leave him on. The cats would go crazy!

Autumn ~ Well, if you really want one, hit my Babeland banner then I get credit! *shameless begging.*

Distracted ~ He’s too damn cute to be in a cabinet! I want them to make a Devil Duckie one ‘cause I’m thinkin’ those horns could be extra stimulating. ;)

JRM ~ I know! Sometimes your sex toys should just make you laugh because it’s a good thing. Right?

TAG said...

Wooo hooo.

Thanks Nitebyrd. You are a doll.

Email on the way shortly.


Anonymous said...

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later