Monday, March 22, 2010

Toy Review - The Panty Partner

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a unique toy from The Adult Toy Shoppe.  I want to tell y’all about different types of vibrators and toys – not the same old, same old.
The Panty Partner from The Adult Toy Shoppe is definitely different!

Completely hands-free, discrete and quite powerful for its size, The Panty Partner (or “Pal” as it says on the box) attaches to your panties with a powerful magnet and stays put while stimulating your clit and labia. Very nicely, I might add.  While I need really hard and direct clit stimulation to actually orgasm, The Panty Partner gave me a good warm up while I sat and read some erotic and a few favorite blogs.

Since this my debut review for The Adult Toy Shoppe, I went out and purchased a new pair of fancy knickers that complimented the cute purple star that is the visible part of The Panty Partner.  The pictures I took (I do wish Hubman, Emmy or Sex at Sixty were around because they actual photographers) show the little bullet vibes parts and the God-awful video (first time!) I shot should give you an idea of the sound.  Since it’s only one speed, the volume isn’t going to fluctuate and once it’s actually in position, it really isn’t very loud.

I wore The Panty Partner attached to just my panties while I sat to read.  It was comfortable and gave me a good tingly feeling around my whole vulva.  I sort of wiggled around in the chair to shift the location of the bullet then put jeans on and walked around a bit.  While the volume was diminished with the addition of the jeans, it could still be heard.  If I were going to wear this out, as an aperitif, I’d choose a fairly noisy place for drinks or dinner.

The Panty Partner uses 4 watch batteries, which are included as well as 4 spares.  The star is soft rubber over plastic and the plastic bullet is covered with a removable silicone sleeve.  The sleeve goes off and on very easily for easy clean-up.  Don’t use silicone lube.
You turn the bullet on/off with a simple push button on top.

Overall, I like The Panty Partner as a starter to more intense vibrations or intercourse.  It’s something different, reasonably priced and would make a fun gift. I’d like to try wearing it an hour or so before “the main event”, so to speak, to be ready for a huge orgasm.  I’ll let y’all know how that goes!

12 blew out from under the bed:

Vi said...

I like the sound of that, just a shame you can still hear it with jeans on. I'd be most embarassed to wear it out if someone heard it and asked where the noise was coming from! lol.

Ronjazz said...

Sounds like some potential for BOTH partners, if it's used as I imagine...:)

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ if I were to wear one in the great open doors and some one heard it, I'd tell 'em it was my new pace maker, just running it in ;) so where do we get them from and how much of my English pounds to I have to part with for this little love bug panty filler? I was thinkin of gettin a new vibrator but unsure of which type, guess we can't test run them first eh? xx

Sorrow said...

I am trying to think of a feasible explanation for the sound..
I can't come up with anything..
Oh well there goes my chance at being clever!

Chapter Two said...

that was a great review - very informative. I have been wondering about something just like this - for the same reason you stated, as a warm up for more to come.

interesting. good to know that the noise would not allow for one to use it out.

Jackie Adshead said...

Great review - very informative of the positives and negatives... the sound aspect sounds the most difficult to deal with. Although, of course, if you were to mention, at a dinner party, what the sound actually WAS, then I'm sure the conversation would INSTANTLY become more interesting!!!! :)

Riff Dog said...

Fuck whether it works or not. If I were a woman, I'd but it just because the name is so cool. ;-)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I was athink ing how great that would be if it was noiseless. Then I could wear it to work...a gal sometimes needs a stress reliever. woo.

thanks honey for the toy review.

later honey.

Bella said...

I agree with Spiky Zora Jones, if this were silent I would sooooo use it while sitting at my desk at work...

I'm thinking of buying a new toy tonight at Hustler...maybe I'll see if I can find something similar.

Thanks for the review!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ I wouldn't get past the front door even if they were silent. We get frisked and scanned every day when we enter the front door of the prison, although I'd never refuse a strip search!!

Akelamalu said...

One could always go back to the old days and carry a transistor radio around to mask the sound! ;)

Thanks for your kind comments whilst I've been absent, I appreciate them. x

nitebyrd said...

Vi ~ It's not crazy loud with jeans but in a very quiet restaurant or bar, you wouldn't want to wear it because there really isn't a good explanation for why your coochie is buzzing.

Ronjazz ~ Yes, if the "unwired" partner knew what was going on during the day, it could definitely prove exciting for both!

Indigo ~ This is very inexpensive, according to the currency converter about 8.50 pounds. Not sure what the postage would be but check with The Adult Toy Shoppe link! You'd definitely get some reaction if YOU wore it to work!!!

Sorrow ~ I couldn't come up with a good explanation either. LOL!

BD ~ Thank you, very much! I really depend on reviews, especially when buying online so I want to give as much and honest information that I can. You could wear it out just not to a museum or hospital or funeral or foreign film festival. ;)

Jackie ~ It definitely could be a conversation starter. Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.

Riff Dog ~ I don't know where you've gone and I hope you're all right.

Spiky ~ If you can close the door in your office, then you're good to go! If it was quieter, it wouldn't be as powerful. You're welcome, sweetie!

Bella ~ I went to the Hustler store in New Orleans, it was like being a kid in a candy store! I hope you got something awesome!

Akelamalu ~ Actually, you may have hit on something. You could explain to people that heard it that your cell phone was broken and on terminal vibrate! Eureka! You've solved the problem! LOL