Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funnies

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  "Lady GaGa is proof that David Bowie raped Carol Burnett." ~ Christopher Titus, comedian

Sundays always suck for me.  My depression worsens and I loathe the thought of work on Monday.  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  "You're lucky you have a job ... blah, blah, blah."   Well, I'm sick to death of having to work at a job I hate just because I need money to pay the fucking bills.  I've have worked every damn year - EVERY DAMN YEAR - since 1969 and I am so fucking weary, I can't even tell you.  So, (where was I?) Oh, yes!  I'm going to find something I find funny during the week and share it with y'all on Sunday.  K?

17 blew out from under the bed:

fairyhedgehog said...

LOLcats are good.

Over 40 years of working every year? No wonder you feel so pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Quit! Obama will take care of you!

Flash your boobs at someone that should always make you smile!

Jen Fooled Around said...

I'm with you .. I dislike Sundays and end up in a lousy mood as well (for different reasons but... )

Can we start a petition or something to ban Sundays?

Ronjazz said...

You just bring whatever you want Sunday, honey. I'll be here...:)

Ron said...

"Lady GaGa is proof that David Bowie raped Carol Burnett."



I hear ya about work, because right about this time every year, I get antsy and desire a change.

I have an idea, let's BOTH quit our jobs and start a moble beauty business. We can travel the States in a big bus; offering our services as an esthetician and makeup artist.

And if that doesn't work, we can always just stand on a street corner and let people tip us for simply being BEAUITFUL!


X ya, Sis!

Fat Controller said...

I'm with you...Sundays SUCK, and for precisely that reason. Mondays at work suck big time because it is then we get all our complaints and problems; ustomers have had all weekend to decide they are going to go in first thing Monday and get something done.

Keep it up with the funnies. We all need cheering up!

Mortuis said...

I'm with you. Mondays suck.

We should get up a petition that allows us to add Monday to the weekend and go in on Tuesday. Tuesday is always better by virtue of NOT being Monday....

To the tune of Mickey Mouse Club....

What's the worst day of the week that gets us all depressed?
M-O-N, D-A-Y, S-U-C-K-S.
Here comes more aggravation and a brand new week of stress!
M-O-N, D-A-Y, S-U-C-K-S.
Monday Sucks, Monday Sucks!
Monday Sucks, Monday Sucks!
Forever will it make you want to cry
Cry, cry, cry!
So come along and sing this song, now get it off your chest.
M-O-N, D-A-Y, S, U, C, K, S.

Genevieve said...

The Lady GaGa quote.... OMG, that is soooo funny!

Sorry you had a sucky Sunday. Monday's aren't all that hot either. Bleh. But hopefully you'll find little things thru the week to lift your spirits! xo

Deech said...

The Moon must have been out of alignment or something. I felt pretty crappy yesterday too!

Akelamalu said...

I used to feel just like you but not anymore - I'm retired! Sorry to rub it in. x

Unknown said...

I just visited your blog today and already I'm in love!! I was feeling what you were feeling too!!!! I'm super jealous of Akelamalu who is now retired! I'd love to be like that!!! One day I suppose!

Casdok said...

I think you should take up Rons idea!!

nitebyrd said...

fairyhedgehog ~ ICHC and ICHHD are two of my favorite sites. They well never fail to make me laugh. “Regretsy” is another. Thanks for coming by!

Sage ~ Zombies tend not to flash much skin. Scares the potential victim. Obamacare? Seriously? I may be a Republocrat but I definitely know the Prez isn’t going to take care of ME.

Jen Fooled Around ~ I’ll sign the petition. Bring it on! ;)

Ronjazz ~ I know you are. I want to throw a good old-fashioned temper tantrum, just because.

Ron ~ The Lady GaGa joke had me snorting coffee out of my nose the morning I heard it. Brilliant! LOL Let me know when you want to start that business, I’m so there! The bus deal, not standing on the corner. I’d starve with that one! ;)

FC ~ Thank you. Retail is probably even worse than being in a doctor’s office. I feel for you, I do.

Mortuis ~ I have that damn song in my head now! I just wish the impending Monday’s wouldn’t take so much joy out of Sunday!

Genevieve ~ I have never heard one Lady GaGa song but I’ve seen pictures of her – I mean, even The Pope has seen Lady GaGa pictures – and I just thought the joke was hysterical. Sundays are okay, it’s just that they come before Monday.

Joker ~ It’s just life, I think. It’s too difficult now, so much going on. I seem to have way too much to do – some things I want to do and many, many others I HAVE to do – and not enough free time. Bleeeccch!

Akelamalu ~ WHAT!?! YOU’RE WHAT!?! RETIRED!!!!! What the fuck is retired? I’ll be working until I’m 137 years old! Go away, woman! (Not really, LOL!)

Jen ~ Thank you! I’m honored. I’m jealous of Akelamalu, too but she’s too nice a person to really be jealous of. ;) She is also an excellent writer. Stop by her place for a treat!

Casdok ~ We’re trying to find out if Emeril still owns The Partridge Family bus, ‘cause
we’d like to run our business from there. We also want to see if David Cassidy could come and help out. ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Wow...and I like Lady Gaga, David Bowie and Carol Burnett. It would have been funnier if he would have said...'had sex with' instead of raped.
But that's me... :)

Dianne said...

I love the leather snuggie!!
and I hear ya about Sundays
I love the mornings but have never been a fan of Sunday night

nitebyrd said...

Spiky ~ I think he was trying to get across that Lady GaGa was someone that came about because of anger and improbability. Like bacon flavored ice cream. :D Christoper isn't really PC from what I've heard from him!

Dianne ~ That bat is too cute, I think. Snuggies are way bizarre. I'm glad so many agree with me about Sundays. Misery sure as hell loves company! Thanks for dropping in!

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