Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coney - A Review

I have a “thing” for bunnies. Not your cute, sweet Easter bunny bunnies. No, my passion runs to the bizarre, weird, odd type of bunny.  When BABELAND offered to send me Toyfriends "Coney" in exchange for an honest review, I was overjoyed, to say the least.  Look at him – black (tres Goth!), sleek and stylish (Toyfriend is like IKEA for sex toys!) and best of all he’s a VIBRATOR!!!

Coney is about 8” long, bottom to top of ears. His ears are flexible but his body and nose are not. I just love the feel of Coney, velvet-soft silicone (use only water based lube!) and is waterproof. Toyfriend has included the two (2) AAA batteries that powers his 5 vibrations. Two steady settings – fast and faster and three pulse settings. Noise level is pretty low. The company states the battery life is approximately 4 hours, which isn't too bad. The push control is on the bottom of the vibe and can be a little tricky. I had to push rather firmly to get Coney to run through his repertoire and really hard to get him to turn off. Now the specs state, “Swedish Company” so I'm assuming he's made in Sweden, although I can't find a “Made In” statement anywhere.

Coney is one of the second generation of Toyfriends called The Power Toyfriends. BABELAND has all four models as well as the other Toyfriends.

Now, I get off on direct and intense clitoral stimulation. I still haven't located my g-spot and think I'm just defective. I like vaginal vibrators but I rarely will use them by themselves. Coney looked great because of his hard nose and wiggling ears. Nose on clit, ears tickling my labia. I settled back to put darling Coney through his paces and have a grand ol' time. Sadly, that didn't happen. Coney just doesn't have enough power for me. I love the design, love the look, the feel and even love that Coney comes with a cute little stand so he can look fabulous on the night-stand. I just don't love Coney as a vibrator. I might give Coney another try as the opening act but he won't ever be the main act in my bedroom. One other thing I did like is the vibe cleaned up very quickly and thoroughly with some toy cleaner. The company says you can also use warm water and soap. I'm not a proponent of using soap – of any kind, on any vibrator but if Toyfriends says you can, then have at it.

Because I really do think Coney is very “artsy”, I've stood him up in my curio cabinet. No one ever guesses that he's a wicked bunny and not a sculpture!

8 blew out from under the bed:

UP said...

Wow! And my curios are all filled with Depression Glass...I feel so lame!
u crack me UP!

ps. all my posts this month are about love, lovers, and the like!

Sorrow said...

I am telling you, some of these look painful!!!!
that yellow one??
no thanks...

Ron said...

"Coney is very “artsy”, I've stood him up in my curio cabinet. No one ever guesses that he's a wicked bunny and not a sculpture!"

Oh, how faaaaaabulous! Vibrator art!

Great review, Nitebyrd! I always enjoy how you give both the pros and cons about an item.

X ya, Sis!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Hmmmm not so successful I'd say...

Danielle said...

Damn girl, I need to be a review girl! LOL

Akelamalu said...

Ah a toy story. ;)

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ these vibrators certainly come in every shape, colour and form... some of them look like some thing of torture... the yellow one! Do I have an orifice that shape ? Should I seek advice off my gyno before inserting? Hmmmm... but I have laughed... still laughing now actually.



Jen Fooled Around said...

Love the review but.. the part that struck me and made my day was.."I still haven't located my g-spot and think I'm just defective."
THANK YOU.. I thought I was the only made my day !