Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank you, Ron!

Ron, author of the funniest blog, *VENT*, had given me a lovely award. I'm very honored when I'm given an award. I'm especially proud of this one. Thank you again, Ron. You are such a sweetheart.

I like awards. I think they are fun and a great way to show appreciation for someone's hard work. So, I decided to make an award for all my fantastic readers and other bloggers that always give me inspiration, make me think, make me laugh or cry and just make my world a better place.

Here you are, you amazing bloggers - The Dust Bunny in The Wind Award. I hope that you'll accept my award and display it proudly.

Thank you all! MMMMWAH!


Oh! I've also been tagged x 3! Whew!

Phil from "Guilty Pleasures" tagged me first. It's a relatively short one. Too short in fact. The idea is to sum yourself up in 6 words.


That's about it. I've got to tag 5 more people. Hmmmm ..... who shall it be?


John-Michael from Just BEing John Michael (He is one of the 3 taggers, so I'm returning the favor. LOL)

Indigo from Indigo

The not so Fat Controller from Northern Nights and Sleepless Nights

If I've duplicated anyone, sorry - just do another description. It's only SIX words, for cryin' out loud!

20 blew out from under the bed:

Utter Basketcase said...

*GiGGLeS* ooo Trub will be so excited to have her first Meme!!! :-)

OOOOO LOVE THE award!!! Can I have one? CAN I? CAN I? CAN I????? :-D!!!

I'm gonna take it anyway!!! Thanks nite!! You're the bestest!!! :-) xx

nitebyrd said...

VBF, of course you may have the award! You're one of my favorite bloggers. :-*

Indi said...

Thank you for my mention, I'm honoured... truely honoured!

nitebyrd said...

Indigo, I love your blog, too. You've got some of the sexiest stories in blogland! Plus, that pierced nipple is HOT! And, I love to hear about your running/training.

Dazzed and Confused said...

My first pony ride now my first award. Thanks you yummy Bunny.

Ron said...

You are SOOOOOO very welcome dearest Nitebyrd!!!!!!

You're the best!

And I'm so freaking happy to see that other people get as excited as I do when it comes to receiving an award!!

I LOVE getting them and I LOVE giving them!!!


Hey...and a MAJOR thank you for this brilliant and HYSTERICAL award that you've created!!!

And I will take it and post it PROUDLY!!!!

I'm so fuckin' happy we met!!

Vi said...

You truly deserve it my sweet!

Phil said...

Well congrats on a well deserved award.

Sorrow said...

It's a nice way to know you are appreciated!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Baby...awe, you are so awesome. You deserve the award babes.

Oh and your award is wonderful. I want one. I love bunnies and you are my fave bunnny, babe. vbf showed me how to haul them back to my blog. hehehe.

Utter Basketcase said... :-) xx

Constance said...

Congratulations on the award, Nitebyrd - Ron is right, you deserve it !

Hope that you are having a good Sunday :)

DJ Kirkby said...

I just did this meme on my blog. I loved your description and the award is perfect, love it.

Utter Basketcase said...


it's me (vbf) *GiGGLeS*

I've changed my name! :-)

The adventures of RAT GiRL has arrived!!! Come and check it out!! :-) xx

A. Secret said...

Congrats on the award! Love the 6 word meme too. I can relate!

Utter Basketcase said...

Nite... you don't post often enough ffs!

I'm having withdrawels from you! :-P *GiGGLeS*



trublmaka said...

Aww, thankyou!
*in a dopey voice*
I lyk tha hummping bunneez!!

John-Michael said...

I have absolutely no idea how I missed this post! But THANKS to your "Envy" post, I backtracked to find something that would make me feel less inadequate ... and here we are!! An award that I happily accept and will proudly display. (And a "Tag" that even I should be able to cope with.) You are the bestest of the mostest bestest!

I love the dickens out of You NiteByrd!

John-Michael said...

"Assignment" completed and Award proudly displayed!

(and i had a total blast doing it! thanks Darlin')

nitebyrd said...

Please don't feel inadequate, john-michael. Not many can measure up to Peter. Plus, his heart isn't as big as yours, I'm sure.

You're very welcome.