Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book Review

I love to read. I’ll read just about any kind of book except war stuff and bodice rippers. I’m also very curious. Some people might say nosey. But I’ll stick with curious. I like to learn new things and find out about the world. It’s healthy, don’t you think? When someone wants to tell me about themselves or their lives, I’ll listen. Even though I think most of the human race are idiots, that doesn’t make them uninteresting.

One human who I don’t think is an idiot, I think she’s brilliant, has not only offered to tell me (and the rest of you) all about herself, but she conveniently WROTE IT ALL DOWN in the most delightful, sometimes sad, always fascinating book!

D.J. (Denyse) Kirkby had a most interesting child and early-adulthood. Her book, From Zaftig to Aspie, reminds me of an Advent calendar. Each chapter is like opening up one of those little doors on the calendar that reveal a treasure. She grew up in a time where free-love and hippies were the norm. She had opportunities to do things that staid city kids never did - happy, delightful things. She also grew up in a time where certain things were not discussed or brought to light – sad, dreadful things. Denyse doesn’t flinch when describing unpleasantness nor does she skimp when telling of the joy in her growing-up. She writes boldly and honestly. Her book is a fascinating delight to read. I cried when she found out why she was “different” from others for all of her life because even though I know that D.J. has Asperger’s Syndrome, I felt her relief in finding out the reason for her “difference.”

D.J. is working on several more books. I know I’ll read ‘em all. Currently, I’m awaiting the arrival of her fiancés (Christopher I. King) book – Motorbikes, Ducks and Crispy Sweet Apples. Anyone who reads “Chopper’s” blog will know that the book is going to be wickedly funny. I don’t think he could help being any other way.So, with the economy the way it is, buy D.J.’s book (and Chopper’s) they are investments in your intelligence and well-being. Seriously. You won’t be sorry.

To order - Motorbikes, Ducks and Crispy Sweet Apples

14 blew out from under the bed:

Frequent Traveler said...

Reading is a wonderful escape, adventure and education. There is nothing like a good book !

Anonymous said...

I don't even know why I clicked on the title of your post...I don't read. The last book I read (250 pages or so) took me about 13 months to read. That was over a year ago.

I have 4 books on my desk...but they are collecting dust.

Ron said...

Hi Nitebyrd!

Wow...just the WAY you described this book, MAKES we want to look at it!!

As soon as I'm finished here, I'll click over to Amazon and check it out. It seems that for the past 7 years, I've been reading mostly bio or autobiographical books. I like to read about real people.

And I am SOOO with you...

...I like to learn new things and find out about the world!!

Hey....and I freaking LOVE the little chewing bunny face!! he/she CUTE!!!

Great book review, Sis!

And thanks!


Thom - - Dr. John said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look.

rage said...

Sounds delightful. Although I am not one to read much, this sounds intriguing.

DJ Kirkby said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! That little bunny sure is cute. xo

Anonymous said...

i love reading. i haven't chosen anything new or different for a while. i love a good happy childhood story, especially when it's honest and frank. i may just check that out.

Trixie said...

I just finished reading DJ's book this morning! It's been awhile that I've enjoyed a book as much as that, and will do my own review soon. Didn't you just want to stop and comment on some of her chapters? lol. She got a few emails from me regarding it.

I'm starting on Choppers book tonight!

Daren said...

I'm really enjoying From Zaftig now. Btw, did the CD arrive safely?! Just checking as I never trust the mail.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I am certainly going to look into this book.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I have to slow down and get that soon as I get time. I'm reading several books right now...but they are on hold too.

Lots of rehearsals right now. I do have it on my list of things to do.

You gave a fabulous review.
Ciao honey.

Lady in red said...

I have read Choppers book which I enjoyed and like Trixie I wanted to leave coments after each chapter .......... must be a side effect of reading blogs more than real books these days.

I shall be starting on Dj's book once I can wrestle it from my mother's firm grip (she loved this book)

Brian Gardes said...

Not to pimp my own blog on your site, but I am having a contest on my site for a book giveaway. I'm sure you could find a good story to submit!

nitebyrd said...

Hi! I just started Chopper's book. I seriously hope that everyone will get both D.J.'s and Christopher's books, you won't be sorry. D.J.'s is up at Amazon US but The Book Depository in the UK actually includes shipping in their price and they ship really quickly.

Garbonzo, pimp away! I did post a story for your contest. I think everyone who reads here should also - maybe extend the deadline?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and extra thanks to everyone who buys the books and enter's Garbonzo's contest! :)