Thursday, May 20, 2010

Relax! --- Product Review

In the world of adult and/or sex blogs, not everything is always about sex.  We don’t want to become immune to the pleasures of erotic writing, porn, vibrators and butt plugs, do we? 
The fact that I’m feeling about as horny as a frozen fish stick right now might have a bit to do with my desire not to review another “sex toy” right now.  So, I’m not going to.  I’m going to tell you about three products by Jimmyjane that can be used together or separately to soothe, comfort, soften and relax.  Now, I don’t want you to think that these products, so graciously supplied by Babeland are not sexy, they most definitely are!  When used by you or your significant other for erotic massage, you are going to want to use them ALL the time – for sexual as well as non-sexual healing, my dear readers.
Being an esthetician, I’m allowed to “apply product” to a clients hands, arms, shoulders and neck. I use “massage like” application movements.  In Florida, this is what is permitted by my license.  Professionally, I can only do facial massage.  I want my client to have a totally, utterly and completely relaxing/rejuvenating facial experience so when doing the “product application” to the hands, arms, shoulders, I use products that I consider decadent.  Jimmyjane’s “Afterglow” Natural Massage Oil Candle, “Beyond” Sensational Massage Lotion and Contour I Ceramic Massage Stone, fit my criteria to an absolute T.
Prior to my client coming in, I light the Afterglow candle to allow it time to melt sufficiently and perfume the room air.  I have the Black Current scent and it is heavenly!  Not too fruity and/or sweet, the fragrance is good for men and women.  The candle is paraffin and lead free. It contains spa grade botanicals along with Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe.  I’ve used other massage candles that are not this quality and have been very disappointed.  The Jimmyjane Afterglow is not waxy and applies like a dream.  I use the enclosed brush to apply the product to my client’s décolleté, arms and hands.  You do not need a lot of the massage oil from this candle to achieve the desired effect.  It’s smooth, creamy, smells fabulous, is warm and lets my hands knead and massage with ease. It also absorbs beautifully and without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin.  Clients will ask me for “the candle oil” now.
Beyond “Euphoric” by Jimmyjane is deliciously luxurious.  I love the way it applies and allows me to just glide my hands over the client’s skin.  Beyond moistures without being oily.  It’s fragranced lightly so it works both for men and women.  Many massage lotions and oils are too “greasy” and are specifically fragranced for women.  Men’s lotions and oils get under fragranced and just aren’t pleasant so I’m really pleased with Beyond.  So are my male clients who don’t want to leave smelling like gardenias!  The natural botanical extracts in Euphoric helps release beta-endorphins that help with relaxation, pain reduction and general well-being.
Like Beyond “Warming” and “Cooling”, “Euphoric” contains no parabens, glycerin or synthetic fragrances.  Whether you’re going to go for a straight massage or an erotic one, both the Beyond Sensational Massage Lotions and the Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle, are items you’re going to absolutely need.

In conjunction with both the candle and the massage lotion, I used a Jimmyjane  Contour I Ceramic Massage stone.  This little bar-bell shaped stone can be used heated or chilled.  It can be rolled or used as a trigger point massager.  It can also be used with the Contour M Stone for a fantastic full-body massager.  When I use the Contour I, I use it in place of traditional knuckle rolls on the backside of the shoulders and the back of the neck.  I use it gently heated and it allows me to apply a nice firm pressure where my clients need it most.  On one heavier client, I used it to roll up and down their upper arm, much to their delight, judging by the contented moans!  I like this stone so much for the neck and shoulder area that I’m going to purchase the Jimmyjane Contour Ceramic Massage Stones Q, which are two palm size stones with different textures.  I’ll use these on all my clients’ arms, palms and on the soles of their feet. 
To say that I love all the Jimmyjane products from Babeland is an understatement.  They are high-quality, well made products that anyone can enjoy in a variety of ways.  And that, my friends, is totally sexy! 
Afterglow fragrances ~. Milk Chocolate, Cucumber Water, Dark Vanilla, Black Currant, Fig Leaf, Pink Louts,
Bourbon.   All positively delicious!

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Ron said...

Outstanding review, Nitebyrd!

You GO, girl!

This product sounds amazing!

OMG...I was so relaxed, just from reading this. I bet you're an awesome esthetician.

I was especially intriged by the ceramic stones you use to massage. I sometimes use lava rock stones to do my hot stone reflexology sessions. The heat from the stones adds so much to relaxation experience.

Thanks for sharing this info, Sis!

Enjoyed it!


Ronjazz said...

Okay. I'm gonna lie down. I'm gonna wait for the feeling of relaxation to fill me up. I'm gonna take a little nap. And then maybe...we might just do it again...:)

Chapter Two said...

I’m feeling about as horny as a frozen fish stick

YOU dear just summed me up!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ I should be sitting outside in this glorious weather but am suffering from sunburn this morning whilst walking 6 miles in the hot sun, so I 'm glad I decided to drop by now my babe is fixed and visit, catch up on my favourite bloggers you being one of them. I could do with a massage *wink wink* right now? please, you don't have to stop with the no go areas ( stripping off clthes as I type) ;))))



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