Monday, June 29, 2015

Gettin' Cozy with Hitch!

I've said in the past that I HATE to quilt. Well, I lied!  A very prolific quilter told me about this stuff called 505. It's sticky spray that is designed for fabric and eliminates the need for basting. Spray it on, slap the quilt top, batting & back together and VOILA! your quilt is ready to quilt!

Since I tend to buy fabric with no clear idea of what I'm going to do with it, quilting makes sense.  I've got lots 'o fabric stashed away and like an addict, I always buying more.  When I saw this Hitchcock and blood spatter fabric, I knew I had to make a quilt.  I'm never going to be a quilter that sews small pieces into gorgeous patterns - I'm more in-your-face.

Now y'all know why I haven't been around lately.

Mulder and I did attend the Walker Stalker Convention in Orlando this weekend.  I'll be posting about that soon!
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