Wednesday, December 24, 2008


May you all have a very, Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, Joyful Yule, or a wonderful whatever-you-celebrate!

18 blew out from under the bed:

Akelamalu said...

Wishing you Happy Holiday and may the New Year bring you Good Health and Happiness. xx

Sorrow said...

Wishing you many smiles
much laughter
and blessings in abundance in the new year!

Fire Byrd said...

Have a wonderful time yourself hon.
hugs xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...I love your Christmas card and I love you.

Merry Christmas honey...And a Happy New Year.


ciao sweets.

Autumn said...

what a great picture! you have a wonderful christmas too.


Autumn said...

by the way, I sure am feeling like a winner today thanks to sexywhispers.

rage said...

Those photos are great!!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog NB and I hope to see you around more!

Merry Christmas!

Jeff B said...

Ahhhhh. . . what beautiful seasonal candles.


Merry Christmas!

Ron said...

OMG...this is SO fucking HYSTERICAL!!!!!

Only YOU would have this on their blog!!!


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS, Sis!

Now that RETAIL HELL is over, I can finally get back to more important things... BLOGGING!!!

God...I've missed it!

Anyway, my wonderful friend...wishing you a continued MERRY weekend!


Daren said...

Hope you have a good one (it looks like you might from the picture).


DJ Kirkby said...

Lol did you knit the dildo hats yourself?

Jackie Adshead said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you something suitably naughty... ! :)

Frequent Traveler said...

Happy Upcoming New Year 2009 to you, Nitebryd :) !

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone had a Merry Christmas indeed!

Indi said...

Hey nitebyrd~ hope you had a wicked Christmas and what you want in the coming new year... I know what I's not good... it's totally ' WICKED ' but I don't do any other kind!! Have a happy new 2009.

nitebyrd said...

Akelamalu ~ Thank you. The same to you!

Sorrow ~ I thought you might like it. You and your little ones made my Christmas with that totally amazing quilt. I'm going to proudly display in on a wall in my living room. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! May you and yours have a wonderful New Year!

Fire Byrd ~ I hope you had a marvelous time in Philadelphia. Happy New Year!

Spiky ~ I love you, right back! Funny, all my real friends LOVED the card. The family, not so much! LOL!!!

Autumn ~ Hope your Christmas was good. I must have missed the peanut butter balls. Next year, okay?

rage ~ Welcome! You'll definitely see more of me. I'm trying to make more time to visit my favorite blogs. You're now on my list!

Jeff ~ Hell, man! They light things up but not with a flame! LOL

Ron ~ For working in retail during Christmas, you're forgiven all transgressions. Bless your little weary heart, bro! Hope you had a great Christmas.

Dazza ~ Thanks. I always like to have a festive arrangement on the Christmas table. ;)

DJ ~ I did make the hats. I tried to knit wee Santa beards but didn't want them to look tacky.

Jackie ~ That Santa sure knows how to fill a stocking, doesn't he?

Annie ~ Happy New Year to you too!

flyinfox ~ Christmas was okay. When I'm with my toys, everyday is merry!

Indigo ~ Thanks, hun. Let's hope we all get what we want and need in the coming year.


CrystalChick said...

OMG now that is a funny picture. LOLOLOL
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S what you do with those things! I never knew!