Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TMI Tuesday - 7 Deadly Sins

1. LUST: Besides your current Significant Other who do you lust for or have you lusted for?

Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Tim Burton. Josh Holloway. Clark Gable. Basically, men I can’t have and can only fantasize about because I don’t really know them and can make them exactly what I want in my own twisted mind.

2. GLUTTONY: What food brings out your inner glutton?

Bread. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside French or Italian bread with REAL unsalted butter.

3. GREED: What are you greedy for?

Money. Lots and lots of money. Amazing uncomplicated sex and oh, yeah … money.

4. SLOTH: What is your plan for an ideal day of sloth?

A chilly, rainy day. A really good book like Rachel Green’s “An Ungodly Child”. Some delicious coffee. A soft blanket and bed.

5. WRATH: Describe a time that you let out a can of whoop ass on someone.

People tend to underestimate the roiling vat of anger within of a menopausal white woman. I ripped a new one for a collection attorney recently. It was magical.

6. ENVY: Who or what do you envy? Why?

I envy people that have inner peace and who are truly happy.

7. PRIDE: Have you ever had to swallow your pride? What are you proud of?

I’m proud that I raised up two pretty decent human beings. I’m also proud to be a fairly well functioning zombie. I’m sure I’ve had to swallow my pride on occasions but can’t recall any right now.

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11 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

...Bread. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside French or Italian bread with REAL unsalted butter...

aahh....you said it, Sis!

For me, that's both gluttony AND lust!



Anonymous said...

Great answers :)

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ No.6 is there such a person? I have tried to be happy inside and out, I've lost the instructions!!

Joanna Cake said...

I really, really miss crusty white bread on this diet :(

Deech said...

Good TMI Answers today.

Opened up a can of Whoop ass on an attorney huh? As it should be.....

Loverboy said...

Ditto what Ron said ;]

Alabaster Legs & Loverboy!

Anonymous said...

I ain't big on bread myself unless you plant some medium rare twixt to pieces!

good answers!

Ronjazz said...

Bread. And cheese. Keep those two out of my diet and replace it with a goodly amount of pussy, and I'll be just fine!

Indi said...

reply to Ronjazz ~ me too ;) !!

rage said...

Lots of money and uncomplicated sex...couldn't have said it better myself. Great answers!

Jackie Adshead said...

Mmm... I wonder if people have pride for their lust or are greedy about their sloth.........and would that cut the sins down a bit or just make them a whole lot bigger??! :)