Thursday, July 7, 2011


If only Dexter were real ...

I live not far from Orlando, Ms. Anthony's home town. I read and/or heard about her missing then deceased child way before her arrest and trial became a national phenomenon.  While the jury acquitted her because the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, I believe they were wrong.  I do not think justice was served.

Casey Anthony has been given her freedom by a jury of her peers.  That does not prove her innocence only that she was able to lie with incredible skill and dispose of a body with such cunning that by the time her child was found, nature had eliminated any forensic proof of how she was murdered.  And murdered she was. 

Since this case is now three years old, no other person has been named or looked at as a viable suspect but Casey Anthony.  Sadly, there may never be justice for Caylee.  While her mother is now able to live "Bella Vita", Caylee is "morto troppo presto".  A few drinks and a Hot Body contest or two should make Ms. Anthony feel much better, don't you think?


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Ron said...

Nitebyrd, I LOVE the post photo!!!

Did you make it?

It's PERFECT for this post!

To be honest, I haven't followed this case much. I only know what my mother has shared with me over the phone, and believes the same as you.

GREAT cause that Babeland is hosting this donation to.


X ya, Sis!

nitebyrd said...

Hey, Ron! ~ No, I didn't make that but some unknown genius did. I seriously wonder about the jury system in our country. It is a GREAT cause and I hope Babeland and Jimmyjane make buckets of money for it! Thanks, bro!

Akelamalu said...

Oh if only Dexter did exist!

flying solo said...

I've been away from Blogland for awhile but I was interested to see what fellow bloggers would have to say about the outcome of this trial. I was saddened and sickened by the outcome of this trial. I only hope that justice will come to her in time.

Thanks for the post !!!

Autumn said...

i have a co-worker who has been following the case quite closely. a horrible situation to be sure, and very sad indeed. i agree with your opinion on the matter from what i know for sure.

you really know how to turn the situation around by offering free things though...bonus!

it was wonderful to visit you my friend. hope all is very well with you.

loves autumn

UP said...

Awesome as the pix. Such a sad story.


Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ It is a crazy world we live in....



Spiky Zora Jones said...

I followed the case (hours of watching the actual case itself. I don't know how they came up with a not guilty verdict.

I didn't know a jury could be as stupid as in OJ's trial.

It's sad.

the late phoenix said...

dexter seems to be the consensus in the blog world, but Angry Grandpa's youtube reaction to the verdict is still the standard...

Dianne said...

the death of a child breaks my heart but I did actually take solace in the fact that the jury followed the judges's instructions

remember - we know what the press tells us, not what happened in the courtroom

I think casey anthony is a train wreck of a person but that doesn't establish guilt

it is horrendous to me that the jurors are now having their lives threatened, this will discourage good intelligent people from serving

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ love the new layout !!


and if ya haven't had a peek yet... go take a look ;) I know's ya gunna love it



Sandra said...

Gotta wonder if the jurors themselves feel that justice wasn't done because not enough evidence was given to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt or if they are ok with what they saw. I don't undersatnd how you can be in that court room and not see it...for god sake, the whole country saw it!

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad.

nitebyrd said...
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nitebyrd said...

Akelamalu ~ Isn't there something so delicious about Dexter? The absolute horror of a serial killer but the comfort of knowing he only will kill evil.

flying solo ~ You're welcome! Good to see you. If Karma works, maybe her life from now on will be like a prison. She's so infamous that crazies will stalk her.

Autumn ~ I got my candle in the mail the other day, it smells WONDERFUL! $5.00 bucks!?! We can all spare that!!! I'm sad you didn't remind me about your race. I wanted to donate!

UP ~ It is sad and the only one who has paid the ultimate price was a child.

Indi ~ Yes, it is crazy. Sometimes it sucks ass and other times, it's just totally amazing. I'm really glad that the amazing parts outweigh the ass sucky ones!

Spiky ~ Nice to see you, beautiful! The jury apparently followed the letter of the law. That's our justice system. Unfortunately, in my opinion, no justice was served in this instance.

the late phoenix ~ Angry Grandpa got just as upset over his missing pecan pinwheels. I'm surprised he wasn't a juror. A little bit of Dexter hides in all of us I think.

Dianne ~ Yes, the jury did do their job as instructed. They did their job and for that they also shouldn't ever lose a nights sleep. I doubt I could have done the same. That they should have to suffer threats and backlash is not right at all. Casey may not have been judged guilty here but someday, somewhere - she will be judged by powers higher than the U.S. legal system.

Sandra ~ There just wasn't enough physical evidence. No "smoking gun". To be convicted on circumstantial evidence in this case wasn't enough. Sad, very sad.

Sex, Drugs ~ Yes, it truly is. The saddest part is a dead child.

Mrs Dibble said...

I believe the French have a better system...there you have to prove that you are NOT guilty...there is a presumption of Guilt. The principal is that it is better to have one innocent person in gaol rather than 10 guilty on the outside.

Ms Smack said...

I wanted to watch that case more closely but the time just got away from me.

That poor little girl... was her body ever recovered?