Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monster Mad Lib Contest

 No, I'm not having the contest.  My imagination doesn't extend that far.  My favorite, NEWLYWED zombie girl,From Millan.Net IT'S ON RANDOM is holding the contest.  She and her husband are going to publish a coloring and activity book and the best MONSTER MAD LIB(S) will be featured in the book!  WOOHOO!

Go visit her blog to get all the rules, examples, etc. and then go get writing!  I know there are some absolutely fabulous writers that come visit me, here's your chance for immortality! (wink!)

From Millan.Net

2 blew out from under the bed:

Britnie said...

Awesome! Thank you my dear friend! I can't wait to read everyone's masterpieces hehe

Ron said...

Hey, Nitebyrd...I just stopped by her blog. VERY cool!

Have a FAB Monday, Sis!

X ya!