Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Fun time! Rupert of Chateau Hentzau recently tagged me. My very first blogging tag!

1.) What's the largest thing you've ever put in your ass? ~ Since this is relatively new territory for me, this is the largest thing so far. I'm working on getting this in there so I can eventually get one of these to fit.

2.) What's the oddest object you've put inside your body(ass/pussy)? ~ Would a camera count? Colonoscopies are SO much fun! I've had a pelvic ultrasound. That "wand" was a fairly decent size but Nurse Ratchet on the other end was a mood killer. Okay, seriously - a Popsicle in my pussy. Just because.

3.) What's the most public place you've ever had sex? ~ A cemetery.

4.) Are you naughtier in your head than you are in your bed? ~ I can be. I'm trying to go from abstract to concrete forms of naughty though.

5.) Masturbating - what do you call it? ~ Fun!

6.) Would you, could you, in a car? On the highway? In a bar? ~ Sex in a car, blow-job in a bar. On the highway? Not so far!

7.) What do you think is your most sexually attractive feature ? ~ My rapier wit. Possibly, my eyes.

8.) What do other people think is your most sexually attractive feature? ~ My tits.

9.) Do you have an instant turn-on spot on your body? If yes, where is it? ~ If I do, no one has found it yet.

10.) Is there anything you want to do that you're too chicken to try? ~ After having a 10 lb, 1 oz baby vaginally - NO!

UPDATE!!! Just so y'all know, my opinion of ELMER'S CHOCOLATES has been corroborated!

16 blew out from under the bed:

Vi said...

No 9 hasn't been found yet? Damn girl, make the man try harder!

JsTzznU said...

HAHAHAH Vi I agree!! There is always SOMETHING =)

Thanks for the insight into your likes/turn ons nitebyrd! Wicked! I like the way you think.

Jackie Adshead said...

All very interesting answers - and I agree with Vi - someone just hasn't found your spot yet!

Ronjazz said...

I would be quite happy to launch an expedition to find that spot!

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking!
The back of my neck is definitely my 'spot' - gives me goosebumps down my body and an instant pulsating sensation somewhere very pleasurable indeed.
Seek and ye shall find....!

Eve in Chains said...

The biggest thing you've had in your ass is the biggest toy I've had in mine. After that, a not so very thick cock was okay. If you work your way up to the next toy, do tell. Maybe it'll inspire me.



Ron said...


Ok...this is the best damn meme I've ever seen. I'm so sick of the ones that ask, "If you were Mrs. or Mr. America what would you do to save the world????"


#10 made me laugh my ass off...great answer!

Thanks for your honesty!

DJ Kirkby said...

Love the Dr Suess theme to your answer in no 7!

Joanna Cake said...

What racy redhead said - having the side/back of my neck nuzzled. Instant turn on!

Ruf was trying to download a David Lynch film recently but he got a porn film instead - Weapons of Ass Destruction I think it was called. It had this girl who proceed to insert two big dildos up there. She pulled those out and allowed the camera man to insert a length of the biggest anal beads I have ever seen. Each one was about the size of a tennis ball and there were at least five in the chain - all of which disappeared up her jacksie in short order! I fear that girl will have some form of fecal incontinence in the future! Not that I watched any of it of course... :)

Fat Controller said...

Great answers. LOL on #8. I get the feeling you put that down without a moment's hesitation!

Anonymous said...

OK... just because I am that way... on #2... what flavor Popsicle :D

Phil said...

Hello Nitebyrd. It's nice to meet you.

Lustus.Mihi said...

Hi Nitebyrd :) I'm glad to see more people playing along! Rupert was my inspiration for starting this particular meme - will you tag 2 people as well? Pretty please :D

Rupert said...

I'm a BIG fan of the Silk dildos. But which size was it? The Small, Medium or Large???

I have a big flirt...and find it too uncomfortable. But man, I do love those Tantus toys!

nitebyrd said...

Vi, Jackie & Racy ~ I'm not ticklish either so it could just be me. I'll work on it. Well, I'll have someone, work on it.

OH! RON .... ;-)

jstzznu ~ Thanks! I hope more will do these kind of meme's, please feel free to steal it, lustus.mihi would like that! It's also fun!

eve ~ No cocks yet for me. I will get one there, to be sure. I'll let you know about the "flirt."

ron ~ This is a good meme, lustus.mihi did a great job. When my son's head made it's appearance (after many, many hours) the doctor went, "Uh!OH!" Not something you want to hear when your childs head comes out. His head was so large the doctor thought he might have to break his clavicles to get him the rest of the way out. He's still a giant. I make him feel guilty. However, I did and do my kegels so I don't have a bottomless pit down there.

dj kirkby ~ Dr. Suess is STILL one of my favorite authors. It was my tribute to him.

Cake ~ I haven't watched too much porn. I can't seem to find any that's really erotic. I won 2 from aag awhile back that just don't do a thing for me. Weapons of Ass Destruction doesn't sound like it'd do it for me either. LOL

fat controller ~ For an old broad, I have very nice boobs. They are 100% natural and I've taken good care of them. I give great cleavage!

pbzoom ~ Cherry, of course!

phil ~ Hi! Nice to meet you too! Your stories are damn HOT!

Rupert ~ It was the small silk, which I found too small. I should have went with the medium silk before the Flirt, but I'll press on until I achieve success. I'll check out the Tantus.

lustus.mihi ~ Thank YOU!,

Anonymous said...

As for #9 I'm working on it. May not have found it yet but it sure is fun trying.