Monday, February 4, 2008

"36 Seconds is an eternity for Tom Brady!"

The above quote is from the X after the New York Giants made what would be the game winning touchdown.

Why is it that football can alter the space-time continuum? To be honest, baseball does it too. However, for this story, I'll just stick to football. During a game, 36 seconds can be stretched to almost 36 hours. It's mind-boggling!

I have to admit that that last 36 seconds of the Super Bowl yesterday was agonizing. I'm not a huge sports fan but tend to like football. One of the reasons is because I live in Florida.

Florida as a state, does not offer a tremendous amount of things to be proud of. Remember we screwed up the 2004 Presidential election. We're only 90 miles from Cuba. We have a lot of elderly drivers driving into buildings, canals, each other, and innocent bystanders. Even the state itself looks like the country has erectile dysfunction. I could continue but I won't.

Probably one of our biggest sources of pride, for those of us who've lived here a long time or who were born here, is the 1972 Miami Dolphins perfect season. (See how little we have to take pride in? A football team going 17-0 36 years ago!)

Since the Miami Dolphins sucked ass this year and the New England Patriots were poised to shatter our source of pride, we Floridians looked towards the Super Bowl with a bit of sadness.

I usually only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. (By the way, the commercials sucked as much ass as the Dolphins did this year.) I did get caught up in this game last night. The excitement came late in the game when the first glimmer of hope that the Dolphins record would hold. I actually think I had a small orgasm when Eli Manning threw that lovely pass that was caught with beauty by Plaxico Burress for the touchdown. That was when the X made the “eternity” comment and my heart sunk. The sadness and worry was for naught and I lifted a beer to the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins.

I truly do feel badly for the New England Patriots. They played their hearts out all season and to not win the Super Bowl, after all those wins, must be the worst fucking feeling in the world. Any team that can go 18-0 is truly amazing and SHOULD have won the last, most gratifying game. Plus, Tom Brady is so damn cute! It was not to be, though.

Now, I can only hope and pray that the 2008 Miami Dolphins will break the 1972 Dolphins record. THAT would be truly orgasmic!

14 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

Oh, Nitebyrd...this post made me laugh on SOOOO MANY levels!!

One...I love the way you express things (doesn't it feel great to say...suck ass??)

And two..I don't know if you knew this...but I lived in Florida for 18 years and everything you said about so freaking TRUE! This is the reason why I finally up and left and moved back to the north-east. However...our football team SUCK ASS too!!

Great post, Nitebyrd...thanks!

Enjoy your day.

Eve in Chains said...

I don't watch football and I didn't watch the game yesterday. I didn't have anyone to watch with (yes - I'm feeling sorry for myself) so I would have been lost, anyway. I know nothing about the game except the guys run around completely covered up in all kinds of gear and whatnot and the only thing you can maybe makeout of their physique is there butts. Not enough, my friend, not enough. (Now, soccer, on the other hand...)

Anyway, my point is this - I knew the Giants won when my neighborhood literally exploded. I'm talking yelling and running in the street, horns honking, fireworks cracking, craziness. Sitting on my couch reading the Times I thought, "Huh, I guess we won."

That's my Superbowl tale.



Vi said...

Is the superbowl finally over? It seems to have overtaken blogland that side of the pond! (And I think I've only read one post of the rugby 6 ntaions!)

Anonymous said...

Sad as it may seem, I had no idea it was 'superbowl sunday' until I went to the grocery store for a few things yesterday about 5-ish... the place was packed... and every damned cart there had at least one 12 pack of bud-light in it. And a bag of nachos.

Don't feel bad about being in Florida, I love Florida... it is your neighbor to the immediate north that is bad off. I don't think Florida has the stigma of being "the south" like we do.

I am sad about their loss too, after reading about it on your site :). My boss is a huge, HUGE Pats fan... and we might have gotten a keg party out of it had they won... oh well.


Casdok said...

Im with you Vi!!

Anonymous said...

I bet Tom Brady would be a good canidate for caveman grunt fucking LOL Wouldnt you like to pull his hair to see how he reacts

Indi said...

Hi Nitebyrd, when I lived in Texas when I was a mere 16yrs old..a L O N G time ago, I went to a game & it was pretty awesome, the cheerleaders n the crowd the bands... awesome babe totally awesome.

Indi said...

Nitebyrd you said you were a good listener... I need to bleed..

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Oztralia,

I came here from Village Idiot's blog. So if I need to pick a US football team, would you recommend the Dolphins?

SweetAnnee said...

Thanks for the candle light!!
smiles, Deena

Phil said...

A woman who loves sports. Perfect!

nitebyrd said...

ron ~ I'm originally from NY so being in a state that is so fickle with it's teams is odd. I think it must be the constant heat and humidity.

eve ~ I normally don't watch any games. I'd rather have my pubes plucked out one by one than to ever watch a baseball game. I got caught up in the moment. :-O

Vi & Casdok ~ The Superbowl is really just another excuse to party. Drink beer, eat horridly fattening food and yell at the television.

pbzoom ~ I cannot for the life of me figure out why ANYONE would drink that pissy ass Bud Light. It is the skunkiest beer in the world! No, Florida isn't really considered "the South." Way too many New Yorkers.

Butterfly ~ I thought Tom was cute but I think he's a sore loser so I'm gonna pass on that now. :-p

indigo ~ Texas! Oooo! The Dallas Cowboys! I went to an actual game once. I didn't realize that you had to know about the game to figure out what was going on. It certainly wasn't like on TV!

David ~ Thank you for stopping by. It's very nice to meet you. Yes, by all means become a Dolphins fan. We need all the fans we can get. Hope you don't mind backing a losing team. I watched a rugby match when I was in Oz. The "All Blacks" did some type of war dance before the game. Scared the bejesus out of me!

Deena ~ Anytime. My thoughts are always with you. Blessed Be.

phil ~ Not so much love sports but I do some bang-up color commentary!

Anonymous said...

The Dolphins will get there but it will take a lot longer then ne year. Everything that takes longer also lasts longer :)

Dazzed and Confused said...

the dolphins will get there but it will take a lot longer then one year. Everything that takes longer also lasts longer :)