Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!


Isn't this just perfect? Hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I'm taking this opportunity to do some PSA's ~

Send a submission to the new blogger's book project, "You Are Not The Only One." The book sales will raise money for War Child.

Visit HERE for more details. This is a brilliant idea and will raise money for a very worthy cause.

I'm also a PINK ARTIST!

This is a creative project that will benefit Breast Cancer Research. You can go HERE for more information.

I've sent my "squares" off. I'm amazed that I actually finished something. Maybe because these two projects are really worthwhile made me get my ass in gear and do something.

I hope y'all will get your asses in gear and do the same! I love everyone of you to bits! MMMMMWAH!


15 blew out from under the bed:

Ronjazz said...

Good for you, Byrd. We all need to do our part to take care of each other!

Vi said...

Now THAT is the best happy valentine I've seen all day! Shoot the fucker!!

Thanks for the plug on the book my dear!!!!

Casdok said...

Love the cupid pic!! Happy Valentines!! Today and everyday!

Constance said...

Great graphic !

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Nitebyrd !

Anonymous said...

HAPPY red panties day... oh..I uh... sorry... :D

I just thought you might get a kick out of this... I got a tiny box of chocolates from my mom-in-law... she is nice in that way... thoughtful and stuff... IT WAS ELMERS!!!! LOL

poor cupid...the wanker!



Rupert said...

Yeah, good VD, not so great ending, tho.

DJ Kirkby said...

Love the top and bottom pics!

Fire Byrd said...

well I got no soppy card, nor flowers, but I did get told such sweet words I'm still reeling from them.

Ron said...

Ok, Nitebyrd....your post photo made me piss my pants!!!!!



Dear God, you're a funny woman!

Hey, and I will definately check out these two causes you suggested here. Good going, girl!

And Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you!

Phil said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! And props to you for your public service, especially for breast cancer. And no, there's no smutty innuendo implied there.

John-Michael said...

I am SO programmed!! When I saw your cupid image, my sicko mind immediately said "When you care enough to send the very best." How warped is that?! Thank you for the levity ... and the sincerity in all that you care about. (and a "Thank You" to Casdok for steering me here)

girlgonethreadwild said...

Gorgeous squares, I'm so excited you shipped these in for our doll. Your lil creations are dancing in our parade of squares anticipating what's to come next. I'll def. have to check out this book you are talking about....

Thanks again for contributing & joining our group of PINk artists, I know we could not have done this without YOU and your daughters participation. Art on, Monica :)

j said...

No Way! Another Dust Bunny! So, wanna be friends? Jennifer

SweetAnnee said...

Poor poor Cherub
I love the sweet face..but I can't see it.

nitebyrd said...

Thanks everyone and hope y'all had an adequate Valentine's Day. As usual, I'm behind my time in everything.

I'm glad everyone liked this picture as it's one of my favorites and has been since the "Elmer's Incident." As PB ZOOM can now confirm, it's the worst candy in the world. I'm sorry SWEETANNEE, I'm sure he was just adorable. I promise to make it up to you. :-)

Supporting Breast Cancer research has always been a cause for me. It became more personal when my daughter was diagnosed. I'll do whatever I can to help find a cure for it. GIRLGONETHREADWILD, I was tickled pink to see my squares on your site and cannot wait to see our girl finished. I'll definitely be adding the auction link to my blog.

RUPERT, (((HUGS))). Thank you, JOHN-MICHAEL and JENNIFER for coming to visit.