Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tagged by Fat Controller

FC tagged me to reveal my Inexplicable Crush. I actually have two. I went with the person that was easier for me to explain. Tom Brokaw is the other.

Tim, Tim, Tim! That twisted genius behind – “Edward Scissorhands”, “Big Fish”, “Ed Wood”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and so many other gloriously skewed movies. He is my inexplicable crush.

I fantasize being in a cold, empty castle with him as he goes from brooding to maniacal in his process to create another brilliant film. Oh! The conversations (and passionate sex) we would have.

Tim Burton makes me shiver in the most delightful way.

I'm going to tag ~ Ron from *Vent*, Dazzed and Confused (Who will now be known to y'all as Mulder, I'll explain later), Magnus from Velvet Darkness and Leather N Pearls.

13 blew out from under the bed:

Vi said...

At least yours is creative! Mines just a fat bloke in a commerical with a silly look on his face!

Utter Basketcase said...

oooo I can see the attraction! xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I can see why...the dude is so very interesting. I'd do him just to see what he comes up with during sex...Yikes!

DJ Kirkby said...

I'm so glad you didn't tag me...I have no crushes, yes I am aware that is not normal.

Casdok said...

I can see the attraction too!

Ms Leather N Pearls said...

Hmmm sex w/ the guy who thought of Edward Scissorhands ... that's taking a walk on the wild side for sure ... you’re braver than me.

Ron said...

Ok, Nitebyrd...this is TOTALLY freaking me out!!!!

The more I know about YOU...the more I see myself.

"Edward Scissorhands" is a movie that I OWN and WORSHIP. And Tim Burton is my IDOL!! Not to mention, Johnny Depp.

And another thing (you're going to DIE) I actually met Tom Brokaw. I was a make-up artist in Florida. And I was assigned as Tom Brokaw's personal make-up artist, while he was hosting the 50th Anniversary of the first space launch, in Coco Beach, Florida for NBC (no lie)!

I may still have one of the make-up sponges that I used on his face...do you want it???

And thank you for this tag, however, I've never done one of these. I'll most likely post it sometime next week, ok?

You ROCK, Nitebyrd!

Constance said...

Both brilliant, interesting men in their own way, Nitebyrd ! Imagine him taking you on the dopuble stairway at Chambord castle in France... yummy, with beeswax candles in sconces everywhere, and the sounds of a waltz being played by the musicians in the nearby ballroom... As he lifts your full satin skirts and...

Jeff B said...

I can't say that I'd be up for sex with either of them, but a long conversation would be pretty cool.

Fat Controller said...

We don't see that much of Tom Brokaw on this side of the pond, but I can certainly see the fascination with Tim Burton. It would be intriguing to know just what makes him tick.

John-Michael said...

Though consumed with envy, I linked you on my blog as "NiteByrd's Nest", because I want others to find some of the joy that has been mine since you became part of my world.

I love You.

nitebyrd said...

vi ~ But that's why it's inexplicable! I thought your guy was kinda cute.

VBF & Spiky ~ To me, it's nothing to do with his looks, it's his mind. Genius! However in that picture he does look a wee bit sexy, doesn't he?

dj ~ That's okay. I didn't have one until him.

casdok ~ Yeah, I go for creative types that are sick and twisted in a good way!

ms leather n pearls ~ I wouldn't mind Johnny Depp snipping off my nightie with those scissors. Although other jobs that require fingers might be tricky! LOL

ron ~ Tom is HOT! I cried when he stopped doing the nightly news. Now, if you rouged his nipples with that sponge, I might take you up on the offer. I'm jealous you actually touched him! Have fun with the tag!

loving annie ~ Get me all wet! Damn, woman! *sigh* Oh! the thought.

jeff b ~ If I ever get the chance, I'll invite you for the preliminaries where we just talk. Promise.

fat controller ~ That's it! I want to know his mind. Then maybe his body.

john-michael ~ Thank you so much! It's quite an honor to be linked on your blog. You are such a sweetheart. (((hugs)))

Indi said...

He's obviously having a bad hair day.! I know the feeling well ......Lol.....!!