Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mary's got goodies!

This has nothing to do with Mary but it made me laugh. Gods! I love those damn lolcats!

more cat pictures

12 blew out from under the bed:

Constance said...

Good Wednesday morning to you, Nitebryd ! How are you doing ?

Went over to see her blog - the blue and clear crystal earrings are pretty !

Anonymous said...

I'll go hit her up, cause i'ma link hitter that way!!!

I need some new nipple and scrotum jewels anyway!

The Middle Child said...

Just stopping in to say hello... and to follow your directions and go see Mary!

Have a great day!

Ronjazz said...

Hey, kid....You're a prize, too.

CrystalChick said...

Looks like 'southern sage' has an idea for a new line of jewelry. hehe
Thank you VERY much for the link and kind words. You're the best! You've been given a couple entries. Good luck sweetie! :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi babes...crazy cat there. I went to mary's Blog too...good luck on the contest.

Ciao babes.

Anonymous said...

hehe I hit her up but told her to put u in twice , so if I win you get!!

Casdok said...

Those cats never fail to make me smile!

Maeve said...

More zombie than usual? Did they have a baby?
I was here to invite you to go check Monday's posts on my blog, wondering if you wanted to join.

Jeff B said...

Just checking in with you. Not sure if Fay is headed towards where you live, but wanted to make sure you're ok,

Deech said...

Nitebyrd...that's pretty funny!

nitebyrd said...

Hello, Annie! I'm doing okay. How are you? Mary is very talented. See her Etsy shop for more of her beautiful creations. I've got a link on my sidebar.

Sage ~ Look at you! Giving Mary more jewelry ideas, you devil! Thanks for going over and for giving me an extra chance.

Bekah ~ Good to see you, girl! I'm still catching up on things. Tropical Storm Fay along with the Tattoo Expo has put be even more behind. Hope you're doing well.

Ron ~ So are you, hun. So are you.

crystalchick ~ Any time, Mary. You deserve all the pimping you can get!

spiky ~ Hey, hun! How are you? Thanks for going to see Mary.

casdok ~ I know! Whenever I'm really pissy, they always make me laugh. My love of all things zombie has made me print that one out for framing.

maeve ~ I did check it out and I'll give it a shot for this coming Monday. Thanks!

jeff ~ Oh, Lord! Fay was here forfuckingever! It rained for 24-26 hours STRAIGHT! We're okay, no flooding in my area but the east side of town in building arks! Thanks for the concern.

flyinfox ~ Yeah, I thought so. I lurves me some cats and zombies almost as much as I love vampires!