Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blowing my own horn!

One of my creations has been featured on the Skull-A-Day blog. Noah Scalin, author of "Skulls" and creator of the Skull-A-Day blog designed the stencil I used on the purse.

I'm just tickled as all get out that he chose to include it in the blog! Animation from

16 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

Hey Nitebyrd!

I just went over and check out Skull-A-Day and left you a comment.


Congrats on being featured!

I'm so freaking happy for you!



Anonymous said...

cool cool!
thats awesomeeeeeeeeee

atta girl!

rage said...

You rock nitebyrd! Congratulations on being featured!

Sorrow said...

on my way to check it out!!!!

Rupert said...

Man, there are times that I wish I could blow my own horn!

Anonymous said...

That is cool! Congrats on the honorable mention!

Akelamalu said...

Oh cool! Congrats. :)

Autumn said...

that fucking rocks! *looking from side to side* is it still "cool" to say that? lol

that reminds me how much i want you to make me a zombie mommy. i think of it once in a while and forget to comment about it. you make cool skulls too. i've looked.

Frequent Traveler said...

Congratulations on the skull recognition :)

Fire Byrd said...

well a talented woman like you is bound to be discovered and your work used sooner or later, so well done you.

DJ Kirkby said...

The purse is gorgeous though skulls aren't realy my thing. I loved the colours of the fabric though and they way it is displayed off chopsticks. x

Anonymous said...

congratulations you deserve it.

oh and thanks for joining my petition

Jackie Adshead said...

Well done! Its good to be creative, and I know you enjoy doing it! YAY!

Riff Dog said...

That's very cool!

rage said...

Congratulations nitebyrd!! Your skulls rock and you should certainly be proud of yourself because I am proud of you!

nitebyrd said...

Ron ~ Thank you! I love Skull-A-Day. There's a new Zombie-A-Day blog, too. I'm in heaven! Hey! We should start a Troll-A-Day site! LOL

Sage ~ Thanks! I'm pretty damn tickled about it.

Rage ~ Very cool, huh? Thanks. I really appreciate your saying that.

Sorrow ~ I bet you could do some fabulous pottery skulls. *hint, hint*

Rupert ~ Well, you'd be a dog. ;)

Flyinfox ~ Thank you!

Akelamalu ~ Thanks!

Autumn ~ Have no fear of what you say here. I'm tempted to use "groovy" every now and then. I'll be creating some new Zombie Mommies with blueish skin. Thanks so much for looking!

Annie ~ Thank you!

Fire Byrd ~ Awww, thank you. My hope is to turn Zombie Mommies into the new Barbie! LOL

DJ ~ Thanks. The bag is made from a "vintage" placemat. While too 1980's for the dining room, I think as a purse, it works well!

secretlynaughty ~ Actually, EVERYONE should sign your "Let's See Riff Dog Naked" petition! It's a wonderful idea.

Jackie ~ I do SO enjoy doing creative things with my hands. *wink, wink*

Riff Dog ~ Thank you. Seeing you naked would also be very cool (and way too HOT!)