Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and a Review!

First, let me wish you all a Happy Easter! May you all find “Rabbits” in your baskets, and Peep sugar licked off your cocks!

Recently, Babeland sent me a copy of their exclusive Max Royale adult DVD, The New Romantix.
A few years ago, I won a couple adult DVD’s that I tried a few times to watch but they just were not for me. I’ve seen clips and short porn videos plus had some short term exposure at Swingfest but I never had wanted to actually watch some for any length of time. It was without too much excitement that I decided to watch The New Romantix. Guess what? I LIKED it!!!

There are seven (7) different scenes on the two disks that run a total of 119 minutes. There’s a nice variety – masturbation, ffm threesomes, some girl on girl action, anal. Just great for setting the mood in all different ways!

I really liked the mini-interviews with the actresses prior to each scene. And that the actresses and actors were more “real” than in other porn videos and/or pictures I’ve seen. When they came, they looked like they really came with all the contorted facial positions, sweat and screams that (hopefully) accompany real girl’s orgasms. They also seemed to actually enjoy what they were doing which made me very turned on!

There was some “spitting” which just skeeves me out but thankfully, not too much and it didn’t detract from my viewing pleasure.

If you want a good adult DVD that shows women having great, uninhibited, hot, fun sex then hit up Babeland and get The New Romantix. To be honest, just watching Joanna Angel could make my night and day and night again!

13 blew out from under the bed:

Sorrow said...

I love
LOVe the little chick..
Peeps indeed
and wanted to thank you, cause i found some cool shit in your links on the side bar..went and sponsored me a sea turtle..
Well not really
was just scratching my head
what to get a niece, ( it's her birthday don't you know..)and
well, I thought it was cool
~snarky grin~

Ron said...

I'm with Sorrow...I LOVE the Peep photo!

He's too cute!

Hey listen, this DVD review sounds great. And I'm like you, I can't stand when people in porn look nothing like "real" people. Give me NATURAL-looking any day. It's so much more sexier!


Love ya!

Lady in red said...

the dvd sounds good, I don't normal find porn of any interest due to it being so unreal. I much prefer the written word.

Fire Byrd said...

Love the cool chick at the end!

Ronjazz said...

Nitebyrd, it's the REAL people that turn me on. I do enjoy porn, I admit, but I get really tired of all the fake tits, the giant cocks that aren't reality, the moaning that doesn't convince. You give me a real woman who will cum loudly, without inhibition, who will stroke a cock because she enjoys it, who will dive into sex with an abandon that is authentic. No one, NO ONE can turn me on more. So I'll check this out, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I prefer amateur porn myself but it takes so little to turn me on most anything works!

Hope y'all had a big ole Easter.

Frequent Traveler said...

Happy Easter holiday weekend to you, Nitebyrd !

I'd rather read porn than watch it, go figure !

Akelamalu said...

Love the chick. I prefer to read porn than watch it but thanks for the heads up.

nitebyrd said...

Sorrow ~ He’s cute, isn’t he. I’ve saved him for a while and I’m still amazed that I found him to post! Thanks for adopting a sea turtle. I think that’s a great gift. I adopt a wolf every year for my Christmas present to myself.

Ron ~ Thanks! I knew you’d like him.

LIR ~ I think that the filmmakers are finding out, as I did from just the responses to this post, that women want to see more realistic portrayals with some type of story or theme in their porn.

Fire Byrd ~ Thank you! My little gansta peep!

Ronjazz ~ I watched it with a critical and emotional eye. I’ll pass it along to you, as I’d be very interested with a man’s POV.

Sage ~ LOL! You’re so BAD. But, I love it! Hope you had a good Easter, as well.

Annie ~ I hope you enjoyed yourself, hun. Just from the comments here, I think most women want to read erotica/porn than watch it. I know that I’ll get more aroused reading than watching. Men seem the opposite.

Akelamalu ~ Yup, I’m with you. This DVD is better than the few others I’ve seen but I guess once a reader, always a reader!

Indi said...

Mmmmmm ya can't beat some girl on girl action..... I miss that in my life...girl on girl!! My life's empty since... well anyway I'm havin fun at work with a juicy lady who's been flirtin with me... I've loved her the very first time I set eyes on 5 years ago!! Wish me luck.

rage said...

I know this is totally late, but happy belated Easter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I haven't caught that one yet.

nitebyrd said...

Indigo ~ Oooo! This sounds interesting! You'll always get good thoughts from me.

Rage ~ Thanks, hun! Good to see you out and about. :)

Jane ~ You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by!