Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review and Rock!

There ain't no rest for the wicked, money don't grow on trees, I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free.
I know I can't slow down, I can't hold back though you know I wish I could, oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good.

~ Cage The Elephant

I looooove Babeland! Even though I have enough vibrators and dildos to supply a small, sex toyless country, I always see something new and exciting at Babeland.

Not too long ago I got a Radiance Vibe. I haven’t been feeling particularly sexy and/or horny lately so I didn’t expect too much when I decided to try it out. The shape is unique. You can target your clit or slip it inside to get your g-spot. Since I had no idea where my g-spot was, when I cranked up the Radiance, I decided to let it tour around my vag like a lost tourist. It’s easy to maneuver the vibe – it’s slim and silky. After a few minutes of wandering, the vibe hit a spot that made me shiver. Eureka! That must be my g-spot. I held the nice round hea d of the vibrator there and turned it up to high. The Radiance has two very easy to find push-button controls and definitely vibrates well. It’s a little bit noisy but that’s not distracting. After a bit of g-spot massage, I was squirming all over the bed and knew my clit was ready for some action so I grabbed the (also from Babeland in their Kit for the Cure) and got that on high right on my clit. Well, Bob’s your uncle! If I didn’t come in a matter of seconds. I would have liked a partner to maybe help with the vibes but at the moment of climax, I really wasn’t thinking about anything but how great I felt.

Thanks to the Radiance Vibe, I now know exactly where my g-spot is and that when it gets some good vibrations, it and my stimulated clit form a spectacular duo in orgasm! If you’re wondering, as I was, about where the hell your g-spot is, give the Radiance a try. I’m pretty sure it will find yours and you’ll be so happy you let it!

7” x 1 ½”, White or Black, ABS plastic, Two AAA Batteries, Waterproof.

No matter who you are, you're gonna want a HELLO! KITTY vibrator!

When Babeland sent this adorable vibe to me, I was going to use it as a giveaway but it's so damn cute, I'm keepin' it!

I did try it out, it's very similar to a Pocket Rocket. The "kitty" head is nice and bumpy for some excellent clit stimulation. I need more intense vibrations to get off but if you're sensitive, you'll be able to enjoy the hell out of this vibe and will giggle while you come just because of what it is. My partner didn't find it as hysterical as I did but he was pretty amused watching me test the Hello! Kitty vibe on my pussy!

The Hello! Kitty Vibe is 5-1/2' x 1-3/8", Hard Plastic, 2AA Batteries (included)

Babeland is running a Hello! Kitty vibe picture contest. Check it out!

I'm just LOVING this song by Cage The Elephant, have a listen!

12 blew out from under the bed:

Chapter Two said...

I just don't know if I could handle a Hello Kitty one - really? just a contrast of meanings there!

Ronjazz said...

Bob's your uncle! God, I haven't heard that in years! I couldn't stop chuckling at that...

nitebyrd said...

Barefoot Dreamer ~ Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I kind of giggle myself silly using it. It's just too damn funny! I LOVE IT!

Ron ~ I used to watch "Two Fat Ladies" all the time. "Bob's your uncle!" was one of their favorite sayings. It makes me laugh, just like the Hello! Kitty vibe!,

Sorrow said...

A hello Kitty Vibrator?
ya know i would love to send this to a friend of mine, but I think she might hurt me...
she loves everything "hello Kitty" wouldn't this just make her collection complete?

Ron said...

Ok....I'm serious thinking about the Hello Kitty vibrator because it will go with my Hello Kitty purse, book bag, earrings, and cell phone cover.

And also...I'm VERY sensitive down there!



Loved this, Sis!

Akelamalu said...

Who thinks up the names for vibrators??????? :0

Indi said...

OMG they look massive! I like the doll thing... witch? resembles my late mother - in - law Lol. Scary!!! ;-))))))))

Autumn said...

that sounds delightful! man, as soon as i have the funds i need to ummm make a few purchases i think. i am loving the idea of that radiance vibe. yep. i'm sold. :)

rage said...

I had to send that Hello Kitty vibrator link to a HK fanatic...she's gonna love it! Thanks!

13messages said...

That's a wonderful review. I'll have to be a good guy and buy a Radiance Vibe for my sexy wife soon.

nitebyrd said...



These are the links with my affiliate code. If y'all are actually thinking about purchasing would you be so kind as to use them? I'd appreciate it.


Sorrow ~ I should send you the picture I have of Hell-o! Kitty for her. It's one of my favorites.

Ron ~ You know that stuffed animal thing? Well, I actually wanted the Hello! Kitty vibe to keep my
"I Rub My Duckie" vibe company. LOL (www.http://store.babeland.com/vibrators-discreet/ducky?kbid=1083)

Akelamalu ~ I don't know but I think it'd be a damn cool job!

Indigo ~ No, they're not. The Radiance is very slim. That's a Brian Froud "Goblin" doll. Her name is
The Royal Lady Empyreuma Frouzy. She's the ancient flatulent matriarch.

Autumn ~ You'll like it. It's quite different from other's I've tried because you really can pin-pint an

Rage ~ Thanks! It's not only cute as all get out but it does the job. Ya gotta love a vibe that smiles at
you while it's bringing you to orgasm!

13messages ~ Thanks for dropping by! She'll thank you in SO many ways! ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I want...really I do.

I'm an impulsive buyer...but I have to have. :0)

hehehehe (laughs wickedly)
ciao honey