Friday, October 9, 2009


I've been given three blog awards recently.  *Squee!*

Southern Sage, that extremely sexy cowboy and political maven awarded me with the Dragon's Loyalty Award.  I love to read Sage's blog and do comment on a regular basis.  He's a good man and takes some steamy HNT pictures.  He likes me even though we're sometimes are at opposite ends of the political spectrum 'cause he knows I'm a republicrat.

I'd like to pass along this award to:

Ron at *VENT*
Lady In Red
and Fire Byrd

* The sexy Steve at The Levi Store also saw fit to award me the Loyalty Award.  I'm so lucky to have such great bloggers to read and who come to read mine.  Thank you!

** The beautiful, sexy, funny, amazing Barefoot Dreamer bestowed the Award on me as well.  I'm humbled and speechless.  Thank you, beautiful!

Autumn and Morning Glory, those two Oh-So-Sexy-and-Smart-Babes, bestowed me with the You Are A Great Read! award.  The rules are I have to tell you ten things I do every day and then pass it to ten others.  So, here's 10 things I do every day:

1. Worry
2. Drink coffee
3. Meditate for a few minutes sending out positive thoughts and energy to those that need/want it.
4. Kiss my dog and rub his belly.
5. Swear at my crazy beagle.
6. Smoke
7. Bitch about not winning the lottery.
8. Read
9. Try to do something creative.
10. Sleep

Am I just a ball-o-fire or what?  Now these are some people that are really good reads and I love 'em.  Check them out if they aren't already
on your list!

1.  Apollo's Fire - I identify with him so much!
2. At Longing's End - Reading this blog makes me believe in true love.
3. Beyond The Birds and The Bees - Excellent blog for those of you with children and just an all around great read.
4. A Bit Player Reflects - What can I say about Spiky except she's AWESOME!
5. Brain Clouds and Memory Rain - A fellow zombie, with brilliant thoughts.
6. Joker - SATX - He definitely deserves this award for the second time.
7. Yes, I Am A Slut - Her adventures will make you hot and wet!
8. Jackie Adshead - An erotic artist and great writer.  You HAVE to see her paintings.
9. Northern Lights and Sleepless Nights - A love story.
10. Welcome to My Secret Spot - Great HNT pics and interesting, insightful posts.

That other HOT guy that wears jeans, Steve at The Levi Store, also gave me his coveted Gold Button Award for clever comments:

Thank you to Sage, Autumn, Morning Glory and Steve for thinking so much of my blog and me to give me these awards.  And THANK YOU! to everyone who comes by to read and/or lurk here.  MMMMMWAH!

BABELAND, that awesome toy store is donating 20% of the sale price of their PINK OCTOBER TOYS to fight BREAST CANCER this October.  Click on the links to see them and maybe get a nice surprise for the woman who's boobies you love or get something for yourself!

My daughter's team

I'm off on Thursday to visit a fellow blogger and a fellow Nickelback freak!  See ya!

23 blew out from under the bed:

Deech said...

You deserve these awards and more. Thank you for the honorable mention here.

Indi said...

Hey nitebyrd ~ Thank you so much for this amazing award.... 'WOW' I'm over the moon...thankyou thankyou thankyou...(((mwoah)))

Fire Byrd said...

Ok I've put on the posh frock, the heels and I'm walking up to the stage blowing kisses both sides and now I'll start my acceptance speech..... thank you, thank you lovely girl.

Ron said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on receiving these THREE awesome awards, Nitebryd!

You deserve them!

THANK YOU from bottom of my heart!

And thank YOU for your loyality!

Love ya, Sis!

Congrats to all your recipients!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

nitebyrd...Wha-hey...three awards in a row.

That's cause you rock Nickleback. Woop-woop!

I loved what you said...He likes me even though we're sometimes are at opposite ends of the political spectrum 'cause he knows I'm a republicrat.

Ha! I love that word...republicrat. I'm gonna swipe it. :)

Honey thank you so very much for the award...I love it and your compliment.

I like it so much...why I want to kiss you, did I just put my hands on your ass...teehee.

um, can't blame a gal...I got caught up on the momment. :0)


Autumn said...

you got them because you totally rock sister! hope you had or are having a wonderful bloggy visit and i LOVE the "fuck cancer" thing. i think i might steal that picture and save it. very cool.

on the patch...i don't wear it to sleep, so i haven't had those freaky bad dreams this time around. oh i've tried this before my friend. ;) still at it btw

DJ Kirkby said...

I like your '10 things' list. I may steal this for a lazy Sunday post.

Indi said...

Yo nitebyrd you so deserve those awards... your blog is fabulous as you are. (((mwuah)))

Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the award. :)

Chapter Two said...

you are an awesome blog friend and each award is deserved.

nitebyrd said...

Joker ~ Thank you, very much. You also deserve the award. :D

Indigo ~ You deserve every award that I or anyone else can give. You are a beautiful, talented woman.

Fire Byrd ~ Speech, speech! You're most welcome, you fabulous lady!

Ron ~ Thank you, bro! You are most welcome and I love you right back!

Spiky ~ Considering I'm always confused, republicrat defines me. Steal away, sexy girl! Your kisses and love are ALWAYS welcome! Thanks, love!

Autumn ~ Awww, Thank You! You're pretty rockin' yourself, you know! Steal away and display it with a sense of determination that very soon breast cancer will be history! Love you, girl!

DJ ~ Please, be my guest and take that list for one of your posts. I know you'll do it proud!

Akelamalu ~ Thank you, so much. I still am filled with a sense of wonder that people read what I write. It damn near knocks me out that I get awards!

nitebyrd said...

BD ~ Thank you, sweetie. I consider myself very lucky to have found your blog and be considered a friend. Friends like you are rare.

Anonymous said...

I never knew you were into pink bowling skittles, miss Nitebyrd?


The awards are well deserved. You have a special something!!

Thanks for being a friend.


Sorrow said...

You are such a SWEETIE!!!
I have been busy with shows, this is my make money or starve season, so I haven't been around much..
Lots and lots of hugs!

Indi said... ya makin me cry! I don't do this tear thing very often...thank you xx

Anonymous said...

Im just checking in on my Byrd.. x

Lady in red said...

hi nite

thank you so much, I am sure I don't really deserve this lovely reward. I have been very bad when it comes to both reading and writing blogs in recent months.

However I appreciate the honour x

Jackie Adshead said...

Aw thankyou, that's really lovely that you like my writing as well as my paintings!!!

You're a great blog friend to all these people, and much loved!

Bobby Allan said...

Congrats on the awards! I kiss my beagle and rub her belly, too.

ZomBee said...

Thank you for the kind kind words!
I am filled with glee and pride.
oh wait...
No YES. Ok yes!

I like playing in your sandbox too!

Anonymous said...

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