Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Undead Bazaar from Zombies & Toys

Now, I know that y'all might not be into zombies as much as I am but this fantastic website/blog - ZOMBIES & TOYS is doing a month long feature on people that handcraft zombies and zombie related products.  Please go take a peek.  

My Zombie Mommies will be one of the products featured!  (Shameless self-promotion!)

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Several other Etsy Dark Team members will also be high-lighted during ZOMBIE & TOYS Undead Bazaar in May!


4 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...


Hoot! Hoot!

Your zombies are FLAWLESS!!!

You ROCK, Sis!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL@ Now, I know that y'all might not be into zombies as much as I am

bwhhahaha who is???????????

Is there a direct link to your stuff I can pimp?

nitebyrd said...

Ron ~ Thank you, bro! ;) I've got one more on the verge of resurrection before I start carving up a new batch. I appreciate the "love!"

Sage ~ Well, now, there are lots of zombie freaks out there, just like me. Really! There are! ;)
Ooooo! Pimping from Sage, baby! YES!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ these are scary and I don't scare that easily.. I knew a woman once who thought she could paint... she resembles one of your zombies.. one of the others resembles my late mother in law ... o babe this made me laugh or was t the largwe glass of wone I've just drunk? I'm back and with avengance... ;)

Indi with love