Monday, May 23, 2011

GUSH - DVD Review

Being “g-spot” challenged, I was very pleased to be able to review the new DVD from Good Vibrations Sex-Ed series, GUSH.

In my opinion, this extremely well done DVD is an absolute MUST HAVE for women and men who want to know everything they need to about the g-spot and female ejaculation.  It’s invaluable both as an educational tool and a stimulating visual aid.

Dr. Carol Queen, Good Vibrations resident Sexologist first presents the material in a “call-in” format with the adorable Michelle Meow, answering questions in a logical, down to earth manner that is just perfect. She talks about types of toys, fingers, positions, etc.  Her talk sessions are interspersed with some very sexy, erotic scenes of real couples looking for and finding the g-spot and experiencing “squirting”.  There’s also a very arousing scene with Jiz Lee that definitely produced some dampness in this reviewers panties!

I learned a lot from
GUSH.  Not only the best way to locate the g-spot but to know that female ejaculate isn’t urine.  It’s been proven scientifically!  Some of the points that  Dr. Queen kept driving home is that it’s okay if you don’t have vaginal/g-spot orgasms, not every woman will “squirt” and to have fun, LOTS OF FUN, while you are looking for your g-spot.  Also, the g-spot isn’t like a magic button that once it’s found and “pushed” the right way, you’ll experience orgasm like never before.  She tells us we are all different and that’s the way it should be.  What is fantastic sex for me, may not be for you, and that is perfectly fine. If you've ever had doubts that you or your partner weren't doing things “right”, you really need to get this DVD.

The extras on
GUSH are also totally excellent.  You get Dr. Carol Queen debunking some myths about sex, g-spots and “gushing”.  Seriously, I want to invite this woman to dinner and just talk, talk, talk.  She is just fantastic.  There is also a slide show by Sheri Winston, RN, that delves into the anatomical and physical side of the g-spot and female ejaculation.  Did y’all know that a woman has as much erectile tissue in her genitalia as a man?  One of the brilliant pieces of information I learned from the slide show.
GUSH also has the scenes as a stand alone extra.  So after you’ve absorbed all the information that Good Vibrations has given you on the DVD, you can lie back with a favorite toy or partner and put all that knowledge to pleasurable work!

After having the privilege of being able to watch and write about GUSH, I believe I’ll be looking into getting the other DVD’s that Good Vibrations has available in the series.  After all, when it comes to having GREAT sex, you can’t have too much information!  For more fabulous information on the g-spot, check out Good Vibrations G-Spot Education Page.

Good Vibrations Pleasure Ed series.

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Anonymous said...

Good Review...I would see where I can get that here locally. If not, I will probably be ordering it off the net...

Ron said...

I love you way in which you share these reviews, Nitebyrd!

Honestly, I've learned a lot from reading these reviews.

"Did y’all know that a woman has as much erectile tissue in her genitalia as a man?"

No, I never knew that?!?!

Sounds like an awesome DVD!

"After all, when it comes to having GREAT sex, you can’t have too much information!"

Right you are!

Thanks for sharing, Sis!


Jennie said...

Thanks for the info! Pretty certain the hubby will be ordering this pretty much - yep - right now!

UP said...

Well behaved women rarely make 100 years or sooner, there will be an entire chapter dedicated to you.

You are truly an amazing gal!

I like that, keep it UP!


nitebyrd said...

Joker ~ I'm not much for porn but this video was so well done and had such fantastic information that I can't even say it's porn.

Ron ~ Thanks, bro! I've been behind in my reviews. I appreciate that y'all have taken the time to read and comment. I've got one more review to do but it's not toy or video related. Something completely different!

Jennie ~ Nice to see you, girl! I hope all is going well with you. If your hubs doesn't buy it, get for yourself - you won't be sorry!

UP ~ You make me blush! And that is a rare feat! LOL Thank you, you're a sweetheart!