Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Do you ever read your "spam" comments? It's not like I don't have anything else to do but I read mine before I delete them.  They are ALWAYS from Anonymous (DUH!) and some are quite funny.  Here's a selection of the ones I liked the best along with my own comments ~

Everyone who plays the flute should learn singing.

What do y'all think? Any flute players out there? Can you sing? If not, do you think you should take lessons? Personally, I think being able to play any instrument is amazing whether you can sing or not.

Hello. You are a moderator or an administrator, and you see this message? Remove it please. Sorry for the trouble :)

I removed it in a New York minute.

As it was, I realized choosing the study of Chinese literature as my life's work was probably a mistake.

Ya think! Seriously, unless you're Chinese you definitely wasted your parents money on college.

The best careers advice to give to the your is “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

No shit, Sherlock! Problem is, I couldn't find anyone to pay me to watch TV and sleep.

Hello, I new yours frient on this forum)

Ooooookay. I guess everyone can use more frients. I wonder if a frient is anything like an a lert?

Boy George is all England needs – another queen who can't dress.

A few decades late but you're right..

I'm looking to donate to help Japan? I'm so unhappy about what happened in Japan with the earthquake and tsunami and I genuinely wish to assist them through donation. Does anybody find out a website or anything where one can donate to assist Japan?

Obviously someones first visit to the internet.

Hello. And Bye.

Right back atcha!

Thanks for this dangerous tips. (On “Blog Awards” post)

Apparently this post is what got me booted from Commission Junction. Please don't report me to Homeland Security.

Thanks for you attention, delight by our situation. (Contained a URL)

Ya gotta love Babelfish. Not one bit of attention was paid and no.

On us now to grasp more poop and facts pertaining to URL

Grasping poop isn't something I'm into. I probably could direct you to a few sites where that sort of activity is going on.

Drop in on us infrequently to get more low-down and facts notwithstanding URL

Infrequently as in NEVER!

Rather interesting site you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon. Julia Benedict – URL
Thank you. You're welcome. I won't be visiting your site but y'all come back anytime.

Hello Everyone! I like watching BBC Football online.

Really! Who gives a shit?


I played these numbers in the Lottery hoping for a Hurley moment, you know like the Universe sending me a message. I'm still working so the Universe's message was a it usually is ~ Fuck You!

Men may meet but mountains never.

Men are mobile (sometimes - not during baseball, football, basketball or hockey season), mountains aren't – you did the math, genius!

Hi, I am newbie. This is my frist post … lol, say hello to all.

Say "Hi!" to another “frist”, everyone!

Can I post here some advertisement links for free? If not – plz delete this post.

Free advertising. Seriously? (I couldn't hit delete fast enough.)

Howdy, a colleague just said to me about this online community so I believed I would occur and take a appear and also present myself, Appears a fantastic website with a lot of extra participants!

I have no colleagues that say, “Howdy”, no any that can occur. But it is a fantastic site with wonderful "participants", if I do say so myself.

Hey, im new here. Im sam, how is everyone? I look forwards to being a active member.

Do you like green eggs and ham?

GREAT publish and impressive in turn ...will bear a try all the tips … Thanks … URL

My blog is GREAT and impressive to spammers who want to try all my tips. How fucking awesome is this!?! First tip – LEAVE MY GODDAMN BLOG ALONE!

11 blew out from under the bed:

Akelamalu said...

LOL the Boy George comment made me chuckle!

Ron said...

Okay, I have to tell you that your spam is so much more interesting than mine!

I very rarely get anything other than someone asking me to swap links or simply leaving me some lame comment that has nothing to do with my post; depositing a link to their business site.


"Boy George is all England needs – another queen who can't dress.

A few decades late but you're right.."


Great post, Nitebyrd!

X ya, Sis!

vixen kitten said...

Would you rather have the runny snot dribble that the Sanctimonious Assbag likes to send me?

I'll trade you!

Actually, I snickered at the Boy George comment, and your reply!

The real reason of this visit was just to stop by with some love for you. YOU are one of the things I miss about blogland.


Joanna Cake said...

PMSL about Boy George.

The whole spam thing gets me down sometimes. Truth is, if they would only post something relevant to the topic, I would leave them up... but they never do and, invariably what they do write is disjointed twaddle with a url. What on earth makes them think anyone is going to let it stick?

Doing SEO for a living, I know about some of the reasons why they do it - the majority are from the third world, paid by idiots from the US and UK - and they rely on the sloth of the webmaster that a percentage of their links will not hit the trash, having survived the spam filter.

However, I just cannot understand why anyone would be trying to get links to haemorrhoid cream on a regularly updated business blog that contains no similar spammy comments. Surely it must so obviously be a waste of effort.

For Cake, my inbox often heaves with communications from the population of India, all of which require me to go in and remove them when I could use the valuable time writing. Very tiresome.


I only get penis enlarger ads. :)

UP said...

Hate to be just a crowd follower, but the Boy George comment is the best...one of my favorite comments on my blog about the royal family, was "Elton John is my favorite English Queen!


Anonymous said...

Now, I actually might look at my spam..

Dianne said...

I never get good spam
the most interesting one was the guy who kept posting that American women should be boycotted because they are lazy and fat and emasculating

Tatsujin said...

Thats interesting - I never thought to hope for spam, but hey I'll do just about anything for some extra snark material.

Fat Controller said...

You have made awesome, really good I am impressed by this stuff


Joanna Cake said...