Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something Completely Different ~ Vedette Shapewear Review

The BIANCA I received from Vedette
The delightful shapewear company VEDETTE has kindly given me a fantastic one of their Body Shapers to review for you!  I found Vedette via Bloggerdise.  After looking at the site, I thought being able to try one of their beautifully constructed pieces would be a rare treat.  And it was!  Vedette has a huge selection of  shapewear, lingerie, body shapers, corsets, fajas, waist cinchers, shaping hosiery, and other undergarments for every size and shape body to be worn under any and all clothing options.

I requested BIANCA in black (it's also available in nude), XL.  The measurements for XL are: Dress size 8-10, Underbust 39”-42”, Hips 49”-53”.  I liked that this bodyshaper allowed me to wear a separate bra and because it added extra support underneath my boobs.  That is always a plus.

Because lingerie models are well, lingerie models, I thought it would be really good for y’all to see this item modeled on an actual person – me!   I chose a dress that I rarely wore because it didn’t fit well.  I have several body suits that are extremely uncomfortable and the bra portion seems to either squash my breasts into chicken cutlets or make me look like I’ve got one of Madonna’s old bras on.  The ones I have didn’t work well with this dress.  So, here you have the “before” the Vedette bodyshaper.  I’d appreciate it if you didn’t comment on any of the “before” pictures.  I know I’m lumpy, that’s why I’m killing myself at Crossfit, people!

This is how I look with the BIANCA on ~

I know! Big difference! This dress will never be a favorite of mine but it sure looks better with the Vedette bodyshaper.  The BIANCA is also very comfortable.  It’s fully lined with super soft fabric (95% cotton, 5% spandex) that breathes and I think will keep moisture away from your skin. The outer fabric is 82% nylon, 18% spandex.  The crotch is cotton lined.  It opens/closes with a hook and eye.  Any of y’all who’ve worn a body suit knows that trying to unhook/re-hook that crotch is a bitch because you’re usually being held in by something that’s akin to reinforced rubber but not with the BIANCA!  WooHoo! I was able to bend over, unhook it and re-do it up without much difficulty at all.  That alone is worth the price in my opinion.  Another thing is that the suit didn’t ride up.  I wore it around the house under shorts and a t-shirt while I was doing chores, no wedgies!  BIANCA was comfortable enough for me to keep it on for several hours – standing, sitting, bending and walking.

Not every woman will need shapewear all the time. But I know that most women will have occasion to need products that Vedette sells.  I hope you’ll take a look at their site when you may want/require shapewear.  Also, their print catalog is just gorgeous!

Front Cover of the Catalog

Another Beautiful VEDETTE Item

Thank you, VEDETTE for allowing me to review BIANCA!

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Ron said...

Excellent review, Nitebyrd!


And you look oh-la,la in the Bianca!

I think the main seller in this product is that you said it was comfortable. Not like years ago when women wore those tight and constricting girdles.

Love the dress btw!

Thanks for sharing, Sis!


UP said...

Men's please?


Anonymous said...

I have a similar under-the-boobs shaper thingy and I love it. Hikes up what it should and smooths the rest. Maybe I will try the Bianca too.

Fat Controller said...

Looking GOOD Nitebyrd!!!

Vixen said...

You look GREAT in that dress!!! Excellent review :)