Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Thanks to everyone that participate in this last BOOBIE-THON.

Monday, October 10th, will be my 4 year blog anniversary!  I know I've only been half-assed blogging for the past couple of months but hope springs eternal that I'll get fired up soon and post the stuff that's been rattling around in my brain for awhile.

Since I won't be around much from Friday-Monday, I'm posting this today.  The reason I'll be busy this weekend is that a friend I haven't seen in over 20 years is coming down for a visit.  This is a very special friend that I've known since my middle-school days.  We've kept in touch on and off over the years but recently we connected on (ugh!) Facebook.  She sent me a letter that touched my withered heart deeply telling me that I was one of five people that changed her life.  I cannot fathom that I made a difference, a huge difference, in anyones life but she wrote it so it must be true.

Since it's October, my favorite time of year 'cause, you know - HALLOWEEN!  and because my birthday was last month (OMFG! I'm 58!!!!) I want to give someone a prize.  Leave a comment and when I get around to it, I'll use to pick a number and I'll send one of you a little something.  You know it'll be a bit weird because that's how I roll!

First Blog Picture I Ever Posted

11 blew out from under the bed:

Ron said...

A HUGE congrats on your four year blog anniversary, Nitebyrd!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

And happy belated birthday too!

Have a wonderful time this weekend with your friend - sounds like fun!

"She sent me a letter that touched my withered heart deeply telling me that I was one of five people that changed her life. I cannot fathom that I made a difference, a huge difference, in anyones life but she wrote it so it must be true."

It SURE is true!

Just knowing you these past three years, I can honestly say that you've also touched and changed my life deeply

You're a GEM!

(((( You ))))

X ya, Sis!

CrystalChick said...


OMG, that picture is a riot.

I can absolutely see that you could make a difference and mean that much to someone. ENJOY your time this weekend with your friend.

Storm said...

Happy Blogiversary! 4 years in blogland is practically ancient lol.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 4 years! Chica that is outstanding!!!!

wendy said...

well, at least I don't need to EAT a frog, cause, you know, I already found my Prince.
Just goes to show ya', you never know who you might influence/help along the way. We sometimes think everything we do or say is so insignificant, and YET, someone listens, watches....and remembers.
and 'hopefully' it was the good things.
Just like your friend that's coming to visit you.
Hope you have a wonderful time catching up.
and happy birthday btw.
I am sure you are getting all geared up for Halloween. I miss being around my grandkids at that time and watching their excitment with their costumes, and of course collecting the candy.
I always make them promise to save me the Almond Joy candy bars (my fav.)

Riff Dog said...

I'm not much of a Facebook guy, but it does prove itself useful with old connections like that. Very cool.

And happy blogiversary! You're one of the only bloggers out there even "older" than I am. ;-)

(I can't give my address, so no prize for me, please.)

Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday and happy, happy blogoversary to YOU!!!

flying solo said...

Happy anniversary !!

Doesn't matter how often you write the quality of your stuff is always great.

and ...we are pretty close to the same age so .. belated Happy Birthday.

Facebook has reconnected me w many old friends ... enjoy your time together.

UP said...

A: Happy Birthday, I'll be 60 in June...SCARIER than Halloween!

B: Congrats on the 4th anniversary, my 2nd is today, and I just hit 100,000 views yesterday! So excited.

C: Facebook is a total pain in the ass, but I love it because I've re-connected with a butt-load of friends!

D: Have a good time, hope you and your middle school friend have a blast. I love catching UP with my old friends.

E: Pick me, pick me! (I stole that line from Grey's Anatomy!)

Love ya..


Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ holy crap I've nissed your birthday ? Well ((((KISSES)))) for that day and I hope you had a beaut of a celebration. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY 2!! I've been a bit hit n miss too of late... without you pretty sexy lady blog land wouldn't be worth visiting... you rock, your blog rocks, you rock my world. XxXx



Jeff B said...

Heck, I was absent for over a year from blogland, so being half assed for a couple of months, you still have me beat.

Happy Blogaversary.

And ya, I can see you making a difference!