Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine''s Day Suggestions

Christmas is over. Everything has been unwrapped, returned, played with or packed away for re-gifting. You might think your finished for awhile but don't relax yet. Valentine's Day is just a little over a month away. Yup, time to shop again. I've got something from BABELANDthat's going to make it so easy for you, you'll want to kiss me! (I'll let you, too!)

The folks at Babeland sent me three of their BABELAND BODY MASSAGE CANDLES to review for you. These massage oil candles are delicious! I seriously cannot pick a favorite scent. I was given Rice Flower, Pashmina and Mango Vanilla. The fragrances are rich without being overpowering. While burning, they perfume the air beautifully.

I asked my partner which scent he liked the best. He chose Rice Flower, it's probably the most unisex of the three. The Mango Vanilla is strongest and in my opinion the most feminine. I'm partial to Pashmina but he thought it smelled to medicinal.

After burning the candle for a little while, I blew out the flame, waited a couple of minutes then dribbled the melted soy wax & shea butter onto his back. The warmth and smell is instantly relaxing. Working the “wax” around with my hand, I noticed how smoothly it glided on and that it wasn't terribly greasy. Silky, is the best way to describe it. I had my Jimmyjane Contour M Massage Stone ready to give a really nice massage. Since I tested these over New Year's weekend and had some house guests, the back massage didn't go any further but I can tell you between the lovely texture and smell of the Babeland Body Massage Candles and the gliding pressure of the Contour M, my partner is waiting (not very patiently) for a real “massage”.

Babeland offers the candles in two sizes, 1 oz and 3 oz. They're glass containers packaged in a really nice round gift box that will also keep the candle dust/dirt free when not in use. The candles are made with soy wax, skin loving shea butter and fragrance. The wick is a no-lead one, always a plus.

My shopping suggestion to you is buy all 3 in the 1 oz size, get the Lovers Massage, A Soothing Touch for Two book  by Darrin Zeer , the Jimmyjane Contour M Massage Stone (all available from Babeland), make some dinner reservations then get set to receive YOUR Valentine's Day present! Or, you can get a whole Romance Kit fromBabeland that includes one of the candles and some other awesome goodies for both of you.


(Take care when using the candle. Do not pour liquid when the flame is burning, don't pour it on anyone’s face or delicate bits. Never leave the candle burning while unattended.) 

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Red Shoes said...

Hey you... this sounds so utterly delightful!!!

Happy New Year to you!!!


Ron said...

I LOVE these kind of candles!

I love them because it's like getting two things in one. A scented candle, PLUS a massage product.

We use to sell them at an awesome candle store I managed - Illuminations!

Thanks for sharing this great review, Sis!


Indi said...

nitebryd ~ Hmm relaxin massaging candles so I get to light them then throww them at him? Maybe I sould invest in a flame thrower too, more heat, he might wake up and smell the burning eh? I went into our local supermarket yesterday and yeah..we've just got Christmas out of the way, guess what? Easter fricken eggs on sale now!!!! Jeeeeeeeeesus Christ... what next.... but yes I do love the look of these candles I need to relax more.. I'll drop the hint. Happy New Year darlin



Masshole Mommy said...

Why wait for Valentine's Day?