Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day

Most of us don't like going to work every day. I don't. I really do not like working.

In honor of Labor Day, here's a tragedy that makes going to an office five days a week, 8 hours a day, almost like going to a party.

What makes the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire more tragic is that while most American factories have improved their conditions, the majority of overseas factories haven't. 

Caveat emptor.

Not sure what prompted this depressing post but it might have something to do with having to go back to work on Tuesday!


8 blew out from under the bed:

CrystalChick said...

What an interesting read! I had never heard of it.
Such a terrible event, wow, 146 deaths.
I see the owners got out though, and were acquitted initially. Figures, right. Well, some good came of it, improved working conditions... although as you mentioned, that's not the case everywhere. :(
Thanks for sharing.

Ron said...

OMG, I never knew of this fire, so it was both interesting and sad to read. I can't believe the owners had locked the doors to the stairwells and exits. WTF?!

And you're right, while most American factories have improved their conditions, many overseas have not.

Anyway, enjoy tomorrow. I have to work, but I did have today off.

X ya, Sis!

nitebyrd said...

Ron & Mary ~ Thanks for stopping by. I saw a movie about this fire many years ago and it stuck with me because it was so horrible. I wasn't aware of the miserable working conditions in these factories until then. It also interested me because it was in New York. My grandmother did piece work, but she did it at home so she didn't experience anything like this. What I find incredible is that conditions like this are still around in third world countries. Hope you both enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sorry you have to work today, bro!

Anonymous said...

Interesting bit of history...Kudos to you for digging it up. I am surprised it hasn't been made into a major motion picture.

Anonymous said...

and what a day it was. Can I get another 3 day weekend soon?

flying solo said...

I would like to be permanently retired with enough money to travel and enjoy old age... but I guess I should be grateful for the decent working conditions I do have.. esp when you see something like that.
Hope this finds you well and having a good day !

UP said...

It is truly a tragic story, and you're exactly right! I try to buy American, but it isn't always possible. Most of our wardrobes, shoes, and accessories are made by slave labor in many of our ally countries!

Disgusting and shameful!

Love ya,


Red Shoes said...

Oh my God... I am not familiar with this story... that is so horrible...

I'm with 'flying solo' up there... I am ready to retire...