Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Things About Me

I really don’t think I’m very interesting so coming up with 10 Things About Me that y’all might find worth reading is really difficult.  Sage and Beryl, the bitches ( I kid!) the bloggers who tagged me with this used different things to tell you about themselves.  Since my bedside table holds a large box of “toys”, a smaller box of “toys”, a basket of lubes and hand lotion and books, lots of books, that’s just boring.  I’m going to tell you 10 things about me by looking at my “sewing room.”
1. Massage/facial table, steamer, mag lamp, product cart ~ A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to become an esthetician so I went to school.  I’m now a licensed esthetician and body wrapper (not licensed to make mummies, just for body “facials’). I was hoping that I could finally break free of my mind-numbing, soul-sucking desk job and make money doing something I love.  Just around the time I graduated, the economy tanked and I’m still at the desk job – mindless and soulless – hoping for a miracle.  If you’re ever down by me, stop by, I’ll give you a facial, wax your hairy bits, whatever!
2. Dolls ~ I have a display cabinet with dolls in it.  Not those creepy old porcelain dolls, They scare the beejesus out of me.  I have Madame Alexander dolls that go back to the 1950’s.  Not a lot of them but a few special ones.  I also have a small collection of Living Dead Dolls and a couple of Barbie dolls.  I have a Bloomingdale’s Barbie and The Birds Barbie.  I wish I’d kept my original Barbie’s, I’d be rich!  I also have some original Troll Dolls.  I can’t part with them even though they are going for big bucks on eBay.
3. Sewing machine ~ Yup. I know how to sew, with a machine and by hand.  Back in the day, schools taught Home Economics.  You learned how to cook, sew, iron, and be good wife type things.  I took four years of Home Ec.  It was an easy A.  I don’t like to sew clothing.  I like “crafty” things, like my Zombie Mommies. 
4. More books. I read a lot.
5. Part of my skull collection ~ In addition to dolls and certain teddy bears; I also have an ever growing skull collection.  I find bones, particularly, skulls fascinating.  I tend to like the dark side of things in general.
6. Jewelry making paraphernalia. ~ Beads, chain, charms, tools, wire – you name it, I got it. Right now I’m working on some necklaces made with chandelier crystals.  They’re pretty cool if I do say so myself!
7. Stitching supplies. ~ I am multi-crafty.  In addition to the sewing, I can also do needlework.  Cross stitch, needlepoint, and hardanger.  Stitching is very relaxing because I have to concentrate on the chart; it keeps all the noise in my head away. 
8. My itty-bitty flat screen TV.  ~ I have to have a television in the room.  I’m addicted to TV.  I’ll watch Law & Order and Bones reruns over and over again.  My newest show to watch is Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E.  He just cracks me up.  This little TV is also a DVD player so I can catch up on True Blood and Dexter while I sew or make jewelry!
9. I have a very old pair of pinking shears hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine.  They came from the company my father worked for before he died.  He was a salesman for a woolen company in New York.  The pinking shears were used to cut yardage.  He had brought them home for my mother who also liked to sew.  The shears are a keepsake from both of my parents.  Even though my father died when I was very young and my mother was a bitch on wheels, I still have sentimental feelings about them now and again.
10. The closet. ~ This is where my leather corset, skirt, dress and bra are kept.  Also my boned, satin under bust corset.  And where my floggers and Wartenberg wheel are hidden along with my tiny porn collection.  I don’t care much for porn, just can’t really get into it.  Now erotica is different – I do love to read erotica! 

So, now you know 10 Things About Me that you probably really didn’t want to know!  I’m not going to tag anyone but if you want to let us know about YOU! feel free to steal the button and have at it.  Let me know if you do!
Thank you Sage and Beryl for giving me the award and wanting to know more about me!


Thank you to everyone who bought something from my Etsy shop in the last two weeks. We were able to raise $75.00 to send to "Boo". 

14 blew out from under the bed:

vixen kitten said...

Where do you come up with this shit that you aren't very interesting?

Sheesh, I could spend hours checking out all the stuff you just wrote about and listen to you tell me the stories behind each.

You are beautiful and unique. Don't you ever forget that, Sweetie.


Shhh.... said...

I think you are very very interesting. And I love learning more about you. Great post. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are a reader....this is a rare species indeed!

Akelamalu said...

Not interesting? You're kidding me! :)

Ron said...

Oh, the more I know of you the more I love ya!

OMG...I am so jealous that you sew! I can barely sew a button on my shirt - HA!

As soon as you mentioned your doll collection, I immediately looked at my troll, Elvis bear, and Hello Kitty doll.


You are a fascinating and beautiful human being, Sis!

X ya!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ you r so fuckin talented! Bloody 'ell, that's more than I could come up with.. but I may have a go ... Hmmm am thinkin about it...
PS I look forward to seeing your finish jewellry with the chandeliers stones, they sound so exciting.



wendy said...

Thanks for your comment over at Real World today. That was my "first" writing. Maybe I'll do another one?? I don't know, kinda hard to open yourself up to people.

ineresting things for sure.
I love the tv show BONES.
alot of the CSI stuff actually

and I love books too, I like finding hard back Treasures at thrift stores etc

Another Suburban Mom said...

Can I come visit your special room? I will bring cookies!

Unknown said...

Dexter....Very Soon Honey! I Cant Wait!!

oooOOOooo I so want a whole body thingy done! And hairy bits can always use a waxing. lol ;)

shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, I do cross stitch too. lol. But I do the stamped kind. I can't handle the counted kind. I want my mom to teach me to knit someday too. I'm gonna need to do something sitting in my rocker when I get old!!

You are beyond interesting my dear. Don't ever doubt it!!

Beryl said...

Not very interesting?!

You have to take it back, if you don't it makes me and my life a speed bump! lol


Sandra said...

I love these kinds of posts. It feeds the nosy in me. You are terribly interesting, intelligent, sensual, AND you're crafty! Who knew!

nitebyrd said...

VK ~ I don't know, I've just never thought of myself as interesting. We could have a good time in that sewing room, though! ;)

Heather ~ Thanks. (((hugs))) right back atcha, girl!

joker ~ Yes, sadly people don't read much. Not enough instant gratification. I used to read to my kids but my daughter didn't become a reader until a few years ago. Not sure my son ever will, though.

Akelamalu ~ Nah, I'm just kind of a goofy old broad. Not too interesting. ;)

Ron ~ Thank you, my brother! Well, if I ever come to Philly or you get your ass back to FL, I teach you to sew! I'm hoping to add a LLD Beetlejuice doll to my collection this year.

Indi ~ Thanks. I am good with my hands. Well, that's what I've been told! LOL

Wendy ~ Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your Real World post very much. I'm not a believer in "true love" but you sure gave me hope that it could happen. Murder and mayhem are my special loves - TV, reading, movies!
I'm not fond of "chick flicks."

ASM ~ I'd love you to come an visit my sewing room! You have some of the best recipes EVER so I know I'd love those cookies! "The Dark Side" always has cookies!

peedee ~ I've got last season of Dexter on my #1 from Netfilx. I just finished True Blood. I ADORE Dexter! Come on up, I'll wax you and give you a facial with a head, neck, arm and hand massage! I could never get the hang of knitting. Counted is easy! I suck at math but find CCS okay. Hench the major concentration when I'm doing it.

Beryl ~ You're the most beautiful, funny, special speed bump I know. Thank you, hun!

Sandra ~ I majored in art. I haven't painted or drawn forever but I like to create with fabrics, beads, mixed media, etc. I'm not too sure about the intelligent part or I think I'd be in a different life right now but I'll take your compliments graciously ... Thank you! (I like reading these kinds of posts from others 'cause I'm nosy as hell, too!)

CrystalChick said...

Great list! Of course you are interesting! And I would soooo love a facial, so if I'm ever your way I'll be sure to stop by!
I have watched Family Jewels. Neat family.

Ronjazz said...

I hope you can gather from all these wonderful responses that you are a fun and fascinating woman. I surely think so...I don't think I'm TOO off the beam...:)